The Xbox One X is already on sale: Best sites to buy the Xbox One X online

The Xbox One X is already on sale: Best sites to buy the Xbox One X online

Microsoft has taken a step forward in the section of video games this year with respect to Sony. Yesterday we could see the analysis of the Xbox One X and today, November 9, it is already on sale. We are going to show you the best sites where we can buy the Xbox One X from home.

The Xbox One X aims to become the best console this year and for a couple of years. We see that it brings a new processor with respect to the Xbox One S, with more RAM and the ability to play content in HDR and 4K. This last novelty, is undoubtedly the most outstanding of this product, having the maximum possible resolution of video games as native resolution.

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Apart, we must emphasize that Microsoft has not forgotten the players of other generations since they have opted for backward compatibility, which allows us to have more than 300 games of the Xbox One compatible with this console. This console will not come alone since Microsoft is going to launch 22 exclusive games with it.

Best sites to buy the Xbox One X online

We are going to detail the best places where we can buy this console. At the moment, prices have not fallen compared to the official price: 499 euros, being the first day of its sale, but as the days go by, we will tell you about the best offers in the market. Taking advantage of its output, the console of the old generation, the Xbox One S, is now between 200 and 300 euros.

♠From the official Microsoft website, for a price of 499 euros.

♠From Game, with the possibility of paying it in installments of 20 euros. Total: 499.95 euros

Amazon: can be purchased from November 28 and is at 499.90 euros

All these sites are really recommended to buy this new Microsoft console. In case we want to see it in a physical store and buy it that way, we would have to resort to stores like Game and Amazon has no physical store. The prices do not change and we will also have the possibility of financing it. It is without a doubt the most powerful console to buy today.