funny cat videos
funny cat videos

Learn how to behave with your cats through the observation of their interactions?

Interactions and Behavior with Cats

You can figure out what your cats enjoy and don’t like by watching them interact and behave with one another and with you. You can discover your cat’s desires as well. You can infer what it wants from its miaows, behavior, and body language. It might be hungry or want to go outside. It’s a little tough at first because you might estimate incorrectly, but after a few mistakes, you’ll figure it out. Your cat will likely try to improve communication with you at the same time to receive what it wants from you more rapidly.
Watch these funny cat videos and imagine how surprisingly intelligent cats can be.

Until we learn to interpret the indicators of what your cat is thinking, certain cat behaviors involve what humans think something means and what the cat thinks, which are frequently two entirely different things (and this part is quite funny).

Signs of interactions

A cat might roll over and display its tummy as a sign of trust, for instance. However, if you try to rub your cat’s belly, it may enjoy it or, more frequently, it may grasp your hands and make it clear that it does not want its belly rubbed. If you persist, you will likely end up with a wonderful set of claw marks all over your hands. As a result, you learn to appreciate watching your cat roll about and show you its adorably adorable belly without petting it.

The tail flick is another thing to watch out for. Watch out if your cat starts furiously flicking its tail. If whatever it dislikes doesn’t stop, your cat might transform into a samurai warrior right in front of your eyes, which is probably not going to be pleasant.

Cats interact with one another in the same manner, as well. Humans are frequently perceived and treated by them as giant cats. However, mowing is typically used to communicate with people. Thus, understanding the several varied miaows, trills, and other noises requires some acute observation.

Learn the cat signs from the cat’s movements

Finally, keep an eye out for the silent miaow. This is adorable and simply signifies that the cat loves you and is having fun with your antics. I typically repay the favor, and I’ve found that when I make a hushed miaow in response, my cat closely observes me.

Here is a diagram for your enjoyment and edification that is somewhat tongue-in-cheek but generally accurate:

funny cat videos
funny cat videos

Cats can be aggressive

Interestingly, while most of my kittens over the years have not liked having their paws touched, my current kitten, Lucy Diamonds, actually likes having her paws stroked gently. So now you know, whatever the rulebook says, there are always exceptions!

It’s like cute cats to be contrarian and I’m sure their mystery is part of what attracts humans. I’m sure some cats still remember the days when the ancient Egyptians revered and worshiped them as gods. So really, if you treat them like royalty, you will be able to form a strong relationship with your cat.

Most of the cats tend to be quite independent however they do like to interact with humans whenever it is on their terms for the most part. Although they can be patiently trained to stop doing certain unwanted behaviors. You just have to commit to the desired outcome and reward all positive behaviors with treats and cuddles.

At the same time, if your cat does something bad, it’s best not to make a fuss, but to ignore the behavior. Because your cat will see your reaction as attention from you and will therefore repeat the bad behavior just to get your attention.


I hope you enjoy watching and learning from your cat to enable you to interact with him (them) better. In the end, just love your cats. They will know even if you are clumsy to show it!

EDIT: I couldn’t resist sharing this funny cat video about some very well-trained kittens doing some amazing tricks that popped up on my FB this morning. This goes to show that whatever dogs can do, kittens can do it too!

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