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the features of the OnePlus 5T
Courtesy: onePlus

OnePlus has already revealed the launch of OnePlus 5T and its availability date

OnePlus has already revealed the launch of OnePlus 5T

OnePlus continues to work on launching two mobiles a year: a more revolutionary one with which to change everything we had seen the previous year, and another that is simply a vitamin version of the latter. Today we will see what we can see the OnePlus 5T and when it can be purchased internationally.

This year, with the OnePlus 5, the Chinese firm has shown that it can compete more and more with the other high ranges of the market in the photographic aspect. Thanks to its double camera with an excellent portrait mode we saw that some pictures could be compared with the latest iPhone or Samsung phones, so yes, we have seen a great evolution.

OnePlus 5T
Courtesy OnePlus

Last year, with the OnePlus 3 and 3T, we could see that the evolution between the normal range and the T range was simply hardware. It changed the hardware to the last one of Qualcomm, the battery was increased, the pixels of the front camera was increased, but the design remained practically the same except for some new colors. It seems that this year will not be like that with 5T.

You can see the OnePlus 5T on November 16 and buy it on the 21st

OnePlus has been dropping data this week on it’s upcoming high-end, such as the fact that it will continue to bet on the 3.5 jack on its mobile phones or that its presentation will be in New York, but it was not until yesterday when it finally announced when we can see the OnePlus 5T in scoop, and know all its novelties, new design, and features.

OnePlus 5T

As we can see in the corresponding tweet, the launch of the new OnePlus mobile is dated for November 16, as we could see it two weeks ago in a filtration that announced the Amazon exclusive that day. Likewise, they have also announced when we can buy it: on November 21.

Price of Oneplus 5T

it is being expected the price of Oneplus 5T $479 (£449, AUD$630)

What changes do we expect?

In the trailer of the device, it seems that we can appreciate what the rumors say, a new screen format, or as they call it, “a new way of seeing”. This will refer to the format change from 16: 9 to 18: 9, making the terminal much thinner, with more screen on the front, and a few smaller frames.

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This will cause the fingerprint sensor to go to the back. We do not expect changes larger than the design, for various reasons: you can not change the processor because there is no better one now in the market, and we do not expect you to change the camera or any new function as it is simply a vitamin version, not a New device completely renovated. What we do hope is that it comes with Android Oreo by default.

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