2 Best Methods to follow to fix a water damaged Smartphone
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fix a water damaged Smartphone

2 Best Methods to follow to fix a water damaged Smartphone

2 Best Methods to follow to fix a water damaged Smartphone

Nowadays there are phones that have water resistance, but this protection is not infallible and it loses its effectiveness with the passage of time. in this article, I’m going to teach you how to fix a water damaged Smartphone.

Many people think that there is no solution once their phone falls into the water. However, there are several methods to recover a wet device.

Here are some options:

Home Method

There is a fairly well-known method(Home Method) that you can use in your own home, with items that you surely have in your home.

The first thing to do is to not turn the device on after it has been wetted. Dismantle the appliance as much as possible and dry it using a soft towel.

Then store it for a day in a bowl filled with rice or with silicate gel sachets.

After waiting 24 hours, Combine the pieces of the phone again and turn it on.

Professional method

For more difficult cases, devices that have been underwater for longer and where moisture and corrosion may have begun to wreak havoc, may not be enough at home and professional method is required.

In a situation like this, the basic rule still is not to turn the device on.

Once taken to a laboratory and after a brief inspection, it will be disassembled to have access to all the main components.

The element that is most important to fix is the motherboard. To eliminate the oxidation that this could have a chemical cleaning, a simple but rather delicate process. To carry out it is used an ultrasonic cleaner and isopropanol, a highly flammable liquid.

This isopropanol is poured into the ultrasonic cleaner, where the base plate is immersed. Performing the first cleaning of 10 minutes by putting the cleaner to about 30w, it is possible to eliminate part of the corrosion.

Then a deeper cleaning of 20 minutes to about 50w will be carried out and then proceed to manual cleaning.

After having undergone chemical cleaning, the components of the device must be dried. For this, you must use a heating plate to deposit them. For two minutes a temperature between 75 and 85 degrees should be applied.

Once all the steps of the process have been carried out, it is only necessary to reassemble the device and proceed to turn it on.

While not everything can be salvaged (corrosion may have affected items that do not have recovery), these methods usually get good results.

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