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Why QMobile Q Infinity is the best of all time

QMobile Q Infinity price in dollars and Rupees and Specifications

Qmobile is known as the kind of Brands in Pakistan. Qmobile launches its new amazing Brand QMobile Q Infinity. QMobile Q Infinity is the best because QMobile Q Infinity is the best because it has outstanding features that Qmobile series did …

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How to install the new beta version of Android P on your smartphone

Google Pixel 2 is one of the devices that supports the beta version of Android P

One of the innovations announced at the Google developer conference is the beta version of its operating system, Android P, which comes with a new design and features designed for the user’s well-being. And since yesterday, the new version of …

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The robot that destroys 200 iPhones per hour


Her name is Daisy and she is dedicated to recycling mobile phones. Specifically, it can destroy 200 mobile phones per minute. It is the new robot that has just presented Apple for the tasks of recycling and recovery of the …

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How to hack into someone’s phone with just their number

hack iphone

Bypassing the password for an iPhone running iOS 11 is performed in several steps. in this article, I will teach you How to hack into someone’s phone with just their number What you need to crack This method has several …

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A new feature in Google Maps shows waiting times in restaurants

A new feature in Google Maps shows waiting times in restaurants

Google Maps has received an update for its iOS application that includes a new feature: it informs about the waiting time in restaurants. The application is based on the visit history of each establishment to indicate the time users expect …

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The secret code that allows the boot of iOS devices has been leaked


It is the code that allows IOS devices, ie iPads, and iPhones, to boot and function correctly. iBoot is the name of the, up to date, private code that allowed the IOS to run on these devices and keep the …

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iPhone could save your life with its new version of iOS 11

AML Technology

The new update of Apple’s operating system, version of iOS 11, brings with its multiple features. Among the most popular are the newly animated emojis, iCloud message synchronization, new battery-saving tools, a service similar to Pay Pal: an Apple Pay …

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LG X4+, the new mid-range LG military certified and LG Pay-compatible mid-range LG

LG X4+

Although it will take a while for us to see a new flagship of LG, as the LG G7 (or LG G10, we still do not know what its name will be) will not arrive until mid-March, the company continues …

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Apple allows you to disable the feature that slows down older iPhone


Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, announced during an interview with ABC News that the company will make available to its users an update of its iOS 11 operating system that will allow them to see what the status of their battery …

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Is Google Pixel 2 the best Android phone of the moment?

Google Pixel 2

It is no secret that much of the success of the iPhone has to do with the same thing that made the Mac a special computer: Apple creates the software and hardware of both devices. Google wanted to do the …

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