Virgin Mobile USA

Virgin Mobile USA, also known as Virgin Mobile USA, was originally a no-contract Mobile Service Provider. It used Sprint’s local network for its coverage areas. It then licensed the Virgin brand from UK-based Virgin Group. Virgin Mobile USA primarily served rural areas and the inner cities of major US cities. Wikipedia

With the Digital Phone revolution, prepaid cell phones became an alternative way for people to communicate. Because of this, Verizon Wireless launched its wireless communication service in the US as Verizon Prepaid Mobile phones.

They designed these phones for travellers and other individuals living in areas that did not have good 3G or other wireless network coverage. With these prepaid phones, you can make and receive calls anywhere you like. In most cases, you only need to pay for minutes when you use them.

As with any other company, Virgin Mobile USA faced stiff competition from other wireless providers. They could overcome their lack of market presence by providing value to their subscribers by offering more value to their customers, by providing additional services and features.

Most Virgin mobile services include voice mail to Canada and international long-distance calls at no extra cost. Their call forwarding and local call answering services allow you to receive calls while you are on the road.

Virgin Mobile USA has expanded into the UK and Canada with plans to expand further into Europe and Latin America. As of late, they have been successfully selling phones in Australia. This has made them a major player in the mobile phone market in Australia.

While their services are extremely dependable, their pricing strategy is a bit questionable. For example, their special plan, “Pay As You Go”, allows you to use your phone on any connection, not just their own.

Virgin Mobile USA’s network continues to expand. They continue to add more cell sites in cities around the country. In many places where their competitors are trying to take market share, such expansion could put them in a position to take over from AT&T or Verizon.

If they expand into places where T-Mobile or Sprint are not, it could be an actual blow to the other wireless providers who do have more stores in these areas.

Unfortunately, some people are having problems with their Virgin Mobile USA services. The company provides very poor customer service, and their servers are often down for extended periods. Also, they often charge top rates for roaming, something that we’ve seen with other companies.

In short, Virgin Mobile USA can be a decent carrier, but it’s best to avoid their services until they can prove they can handle their subscribers’ needs. After all, in this tough economy, it’s always better to go with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing for the wireless industry.