Samsung Galaxy S9
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Samsung Galaxy S9, new data from its sensors appear

Samsung Galaxy S9, new data from its sensors appear

Little by little, data is becoming known about what the Samsung Galaxy S9 will offer and, in this case, we will comment on the future sensors that will be included in the future high-end terminal of the Korean company. We tell you the latest information about this model that will maintain the use of Android, as it can not be otherwise

The first thing is to talk about the fingerprint reader that, contrary to what Apple did in the iPhone X, will remain in the Samsung Galaxy S9. The fact is that the location of this in the model that is currently on the market (the Galaxy S8 ) is not exactly the most liked since its ergonomics is not very good to be located right next to the rear camera. And, therefore, a change is expected here by Koreans.

Many pointed to the use of an integrated accessory on the screen of the terminal itself, but as I have known this will not be so for two reasons: the first is that the security offered by this option at the moment is not the largest possible. And, the second reason, is that the current cost of manufacturing the panel and the integrated accessory is very high. Adding this, everything points to the Samsung Galaxy S9 will not have the fingerprint reader in this location – and, therefore, could be the Galaxy Note 9 the first to get it.

And where will the aforementioned biometric element be then? Well, everything seems to indicate that, again, in the back … But in a different location to favor its use when holding the Samsung Galaxy S9. It points to a lower place than the Galaxy S8 and more focused too, imitating the one offered by the Google Pixel 2 XL, for example. The front does not seem to be an off-screen option, since there are hardly any frames left and, therefore, it is complex to imitate the Huawei Mate 10.

Changes in the camera sensor of the Samsung Galaxy S9

Well, this is something that already touched, because if you want to maintain the good level in front of the competition – the last terminals of the Korean company are among the five best that make photos of the market without any doubt -, you have to give a step in this section. The case is that the Samsung Galaxy S9 seems to be releasing a new photographic sensor, which would be included in one of the two offered by the terminal since everything points to this model will mimic the Galaxy Note 8.

That is working on the new sensor is something that has been known because one of the chief engineers of the development of the components of image has confirmed this in his profile on LinkedIn, but unfortunately has not given much information about it , such as the resolution it will have or the focal point to use (betting on F: 1.6 or better is logical and, also, that the pixels will acquire more amount of light in low light conditions). The case is that the inclusion of a new element seemed necessary since there are two generations of photographic sensors without including big changes.

The case is that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will have new features in what has to do with the sensors that will include. And, in addition, without missing an improved screen that will take better advantage of the front; advances in the amount of memory and a more powerful processor; and, of course, some surprise that the Korean company will keep until the end.


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