Samsung reaps millions of dollars from Apple iphone

Samsung is one of the largest and largest manufacturers of smartphones in the world, it has millions of users around the world.

Samsung sells many internal and external parts dedicated to the production of phones to other manufacturers.

Apple buys American screens for iPhone X from Samsung’s OLED type, one screen for $ 70, and it provides a lot of other components for the US company.

According to the Indian website Phonearena, Counterpoint Technology Market Research, which has been working on this study, expects Apple to sell nearly 130 million iPhones X until the summer of 2019, which will return to Samsung profits of billions of dollars because of sale Monitors used in the new Apple phone.

The Korean giant is also expected to sell up to 50 million phones from the Galaxy S8 in a period of 18 to 20 months since its launch on the market. S8 sales are likely to reach nearly $ 4 billion, iPhone phone components.

Last year, Apple accounted for about 35 percent of Samsung’s financial revenue, a very high percentage, making the company’s employees call Apple their best and most important customer.

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