The robot that destroys 200 iPhones per hour


Her name is Daisy and she is dedicated to recycling mobile phones. Specifically, it can destroy 200 mobile phones per minute. It is the new robot that has just presented Apple for the tasks of recycling and recovery of the iPhones in disuse. Daisy’s presentation coincides with the celebration of Earth Day, which takes place … Read more

Apple could merge iOS and macOS in 2018, The goal is that there is only one app store for all devices


Now developers create two different versions of each application, one for iOS and one for macOS. MacOS has some of the best applications for Apple devices, but they are few and often outdated; while iOS keeps a library full of all kinds of apps that are up to date. To end this discrimination, Apple would … Read more

Why is my iPhone going slow? We discover the reasons and solutions

hack iphone

As the fourth law of thermodynamics, an iPhone will begin to slow down over time. Technically the causes are of varied origin and not always usually noticed in time. It is a relatively progressive degradation that affects all the smartphones of other companies as well, and to a greater extent on many occasions. The reasons … Read more

Apple unveils new protective cover belts for Apple Watch and iPhone X

belts for Apple Watch

Apple unveils new protective cover belts for Apple Watch and iPhone X Apple today released some new accessories for Apple Watch and for the iPhone X. These new accessories are three silicon-colored silicon straps for the Apple Watch, three silicon colored protective covers for the iPhone X. For the new Apple Watch belts, they come … Read more