Sales of iPhone X will generate $ 4 billion in profits on Samsung

SEOUL (Reuters) – Korea’s Samsung Corp. is poised to receive strong profits from its iPhone X phone, which Apple announced on Sept. 19, the Wall Street Journal reported.

On its website, Wall Street reported that Samsung is the main supplier of the OLED screens for the iPhone.

Samsung seems to be preparing to receive $ 4 billion in profits from the sale of the iPhone X, which is expected to have a sales volume of Approximately 130 units

According to the report, this profit is due to the price of the screen sold by Samsung sold for 110 dollars to the US company.

iPhone X

The report says that Samsung may be preparing for the establishment of a new factory and specialized OLED screens to tighten the screws on the Korean company LG, which is always trying to accessories Samsung.

LG Aramram has signed an agreement with Google to provide OLED with Google’s Pixel 2 phones, which will be announced on Oct. 4.


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According to survey iPhone X will be released on 3rd November.

The price of iPhone X will be started From 999$.

According to survey People are using Samsung nowadays.

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