Microsoft acquires AltspaceVR network after funding outages


Microsoft has taken over the virtual social network AltspaceVR after the company failed to enter the social networking field.

What does Engadget say?

According to Engadget, the original home of the news technology, the network will be the same and can be accessed via virtual reality glasses such as HTC Vive and Gear VR.

The company got the opportunity to capture this service after closing because of the lack of funding, it is worth mentioning that it was working to host the debates on virtual reality, and some of the comedy shows.

Microsoft will also join the AltspaceVR team as part of its many attempts to increase its virtual reality presence, especially as it has produced the best-selling Holben glasses.

Microsoft also said it was planned that the social network would continue to work on different computers, whether it was running Mac OS or Windows, even as it supports Google’s Daydream platform, which means it will not be limited to itself but will make it available to everyone even its competitors.

It is worth mentioning that Facebook has recently reviewed its capabilities in virtual reality, and this was the platform Facebook Spaces.


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