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Meteor video shooting across the sky

This is the fact that we can’t see many things which are farthest from us.

We see the moon at night but we can’t walk on the moon.

We see the sun every day but we can’t approach to the sun.

There are lots of things or object we see but we don’t know about them well.

Recently, we were told that Uranus is surrounded by gaseous clouds that smell like rotten eggs. Have we visited Uranus?

There are plenty of Planets yet to be discovered because it’s Universe.

A few hours ago the video was uploaded on Twitter, in which you can see Meteor.

The video was shot by Mobile. It is strange that can a person make a video of Meteor across the sky.

Here is the video:

After the video uploaded people started to talk about.

A few people did not accept this video.


In the comment box, a person told his dream “Now, this is scary… Today I had a dream which a meteor was heading towards Earth and I was in a bus, the bus had a screen (like they usually do) which informed us that we should go to safe areas shown on some map…”

The majority did not accept this video.

What do you think about this video?

Do you accept it?





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