Elon Musk: when I have hurt feelings, I play this song

We are all created from dust and it has been proved by Science.

It means we are all equal.

No matter you’re rich and I’m poor but it is the truth that we’re all created from Dust.

we have feelings. sometimes when we hear something which makes us nervous. Sometimes we hear a news that makes us happy

A few people enjoy their happiness with friends or family and rest of them enjoy their happiness listening to music.

When we feel broken we love to listen to sad songs,

Elon Musk, the great personality I should say. Many people like him a lot.

He has a great number of fans and they must know what does Elon Musk do when he has hurt feelings.

Elon Musk does not like to use Facebook but he likes to use Twitter.

He has an official account on Twitter, using that he shares his messages or posts.

Elon Musk listens to Flight of the Conchords when he has hurt feelings.

On Twitter, he told his fans what he listens when Elon musk has hurt feelings.

You have known that Elon Musk plays this song.


Now it’s your turn, What do you do when you have hurt feelings just like Elon musk hurt feelings

Don’t forget to share your ideas. We’ll try to contact Elin Musk and tell him what his fans do.

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