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iPhone could save your life with its new version of iOS 11

The new update of Apple’s operating system, version of iOS 11, brings with its multiple features. Among the most popular are the newly animated emojis, iCloud message synchronization, new battery-saving tools, a service similar to Pay Pal: an Apple Pay business chat and, most importantly, the tracing of emergency calls.

What is the AML Technology (Advanced Mobile Location)?

This function was integrated into the Apple Watch and will now be transferred to all devices thanks to the updated version. The tool allows requesting help from the authorities and even serves to notify family and friends about our location. All this will be thanks to the AML technology (Advanced Mobile Location, advanced mobile location).


AML technology has the function of sending the exact location of the person who is calling. It is a tool developed by a European security association that was looking for the most effective way to know the exact point in which a person was. For the authorities to know, the function generates an SMS message with the location data and these are sent to the authorities.

The feature supposes a very big evolution in the devices of Apple since, in addition, it will be used for cases like loss of mobile or robbery. Before this update that includes AML technology, the service, called ‘SOS Emergency’, sent the location but it was not exact but approximate.

The Apple website specifies that using this function the iPhone will automatically call the local emergency number and states: “It is possible that, in some countries or regions, you should choose the service you need. For example, in China, you can choose between the police, the fire brigade or the ambulance. ” Thanks to the renewal, you can also add emergency contacts.

How to Activate SOS Emergency Service on iPhone, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus?

In order to activate the service on an iPhone X, 8 or 8 Plus, you must press and hold the side button next to one of the volume buttons. An ‘SOS Emergency’ slider will appear that you must drag to call the emergency services. If the buttons are still pressed, a countdown starts, alert sounds, and the call is automatically made.

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