Hard Reset iPhone X

Hard Reset iPhone X

As y’all know apple is the biggest smartphone manufacturer. There are a lot of iPhones in the world and its new model “iPhone X” is home button less. Due to that problem, whenever iPhone x is stuck or a buggy app freezes the iPhone then it is impossible to go back to the home screen … Read more

iPhone could save your life with its new version of iOS 11

AML Technology

The new update of Apple’s operating system, version of iOS 11, brings with its multiple features. Among the most popular are the newly animated emojis, iCloud message synchronization, new battery-saving tools, a service similar to Pay Pal: an Apple Pay business chat and, most importantly, the tracing of emergency calls. What is the AML Technology … Read more

Why is my iPhone going slow? We discover the reasons and solutions

hack iphone

As the fourth law of thermodynamics, an iPhone will begin to slow down over time. Technically the causes are of varied origin and not always usually noticed in time. It is a relatively progressive degradation that affects all the smartphones of other companies as well, and to a greater extent on many occasions. The reasons … Read more

Apple unveils new protective cover belts for Apple Watch and iPhone X

belts for Apple Watch

Apple unveils new protective cover belts for Apple Watch and iPhone X Apple today released some new accessories for Apple Watch and for the iPhone X. These new accessories are three silicon-colored silicon straps for the Apple Watch, three silicon colored protective covers for the iPhone X. For the new Apple Watch belts, they come … Read more

OnePlus 5T also has a face unlock feature. But better than the iPhone X


OnePlus has chosen a little special marketing strategy. A popular Chinese brand that has been attracting fans all over the world for their premium smartphones at enticing prices. It has just introduced the OnePlus 5T with interesting features. Only half a year after the premiere of the predecessor. In June of this year, OnePlus 5, … Read more