The secret code that allows the boot of iOS devices has been leaked
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The secret code that allows the boot of iOS devices has been leaked

It is the code that allows IOS devices, ie iPads, and iPhones, to boot and function correctly. iBoot is the name of the, up to date, private code that allowed the IOS to run on these devices and keep the information private. A report from Motherboard raised the alarm.

The secret code that allows the boot of iOS devices has been leaked

An anonymous public source the iBoot code on GitHub, a repository of open codes that all people can access.

Apple confirmed yesterday that the code was the original, however, something distant, three years ago.

Although security is exploitable with this code, Apple confirmed that, by design, the security of its products is not something that depends exclusively on the fact that the code is secret.

It is precisely the various layers of hardware and software that make up these devices that security is not a major risk in these cases. It is also advisable to update the new software versions available to benefit from the latest protections.

Users who are using iOS 10 or iOS 11 versions have a more recent code than the one that has been filtered. Presumably, the code seems to belong to the iOS 9 version but there are some extracts that could be used for later versions. In any case, Apple has asked GitHub to delete the code as soon as possible. The code is no longer available for download and an Apple note appears confirming that it was a case of infringement of copyright laws.

What is the filtered code for?

IBoot is responsible for booting the iPhones and similar system. It is the first thing that is activated when the on / off button is turned on. Its function is to verify that the Kernel – that is, the epicenter of the operating system code – is signed by Apple so that it proceeds to execute the code and take the user to the lock / unlock screen.

The biggest filter in history?

Some sources have suggested that Jonathan Levin, the technology director at the software security company, Technologeeks, confirmed that it was the largest filtering in the history of this kind. Hours later, Levin denied this claim but admitted that it was something big.

So, what are the real implications?

Access to the iBoot code could allow vulnerabilities to be identified in the system more easily, for purposes of improvement or for criminal purposes. For example, hackers could try to identify small code errors that would allow decrypting or decrypting an iPhone, although this would take some additional steps to obtain the code.


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