alan bean
Image Source: NASA

NASA: Alan Bean, who passed away yesterday, had an extraordinary life. Astronaut and artist

When you were studying in the primary class you heard about the man who walked first on Moon.

Yes, we know that Neil Armstrong was the first man who walked on the moon.

But you might not know second, third…

Yesterday a man passed away named Alan Bean.

Alan Bean was born in 1932.

According to NASA Alan Bean was the fourth man to walk on Moon.

Nasa Upload a video on Twitter, in that video his life and achievements are shown.

Here is the video:

After the post uploaded people started to talk about Alan Bean.

Some people thanked him.


As you probably know that the next Mission of Nasa is to walk on Mars and this mission has been started.

One of my friends wants to be the first man to walk on Mars but recently, I heard “NASA’s chief astronaut says “the first person on Mars should be a woman


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