Best 10 Mac Apps for Web Developers

Best 10 Mac Apps for Web Developers

Having a proper set of tools is of great importance to any programmer, as it allows building all sorts of powerful apps for users to remain productive and entertained on Apple’s TV, iPhones, iPads, or Macs. Considering the wide variety of dedicated Mac solutions, it is not always easy to choose the tool which will work best for one or some other project. Either Mac is the best option for web development or not- this is the most debating topic, these days. However, one thing which is true about Mac is that they have great software apps for web development.

In this post, we will provide you the detailed information of most commonly used Mac developer tools which make life easier for either trainee coders or experienced programmers. We are hopeful that our overview of the ten best Mac apps for web developers will help you to discover a utility that fit in your workflow and allows you to develop your projects smoothly.

  1. Homebrew:

It is a free open-source package manager. Homebrew app provides a simple way to install UNIX tools in which Mac terminal utilities and graphical apps on Apple’s macOS. It can easily and quickly download them. This Mac app has been recommended for its convenience of use along with its integration into the command line.

  1. Xcode:

It is an integrated development environment that offers a comprehensive set of Mac development tools. In other words, everything a programmer needs is, to build a great application for Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The code editor supports multiple programming languages and provides developers a unified workflow for coding, testing, debugging, and user interface design. This app also includes the Instruments analysis tool, simulators, Xcode IDE, Swift, and Objective-C compilers along with other outstanding features. There are lots of academics writing companies where students generate the queries to write my essay in 12 hours or less, these companies are also using this technology for their professional websites.

  1. FlexiHub:

FlexiHub is one of the most efficient Mac apps for developers who are developing various software solutions for iOS devices. The utility within this app shares iPhones and iPads over the network making them available for easy access from any remote machine. It means that a developer can connect to an iOS device without having it physically attached to their Mac. It is specifically convenient for the iOS testing app and debugging. Moreover, it also works perfectly well across Ethernet, LAN, Wi-Fi, along with any other network which protects every connection with advanced traffic encryption.

  1. Hubstaff Time Tracker:

Hubstaff is basically a time tracking application with clients for Mac, Linux, Windows, and apps for iOS and Android. The developers can use this app to measure time, spent on specific projects. Later, the recorded data can be used to gain insights where the developer or their entire team is going, as well as creating invoices for clients within a few clicks. Furthermore, Hubstaff has several other functions too. This includes integration with payment processors in which either you get paid or you pay to your team members for hourly work.

  1. iTerm 2:

It is an open-source replacement for Apple’s Terminal and also the successor to iTerm. This terminal emulator allows the developers to manage their workflow in an efficient manner. This developer tool is highly customizable and supports several different OS features such as window transparency, full-screen mode, Growl notifications, standard keyboard shortcuts, and ExposéTabs. It also offers customizable profiles and instant replay of previous terminal input and output.

  1. Sublime Text:

If you are looking for a fast and feature-packed text and development editor, Sublime Text will be a very good choice. It is basically a sophisticated text editor for code, prose, and markup.  Within this app, the developer gets highly desired abilities to write or edit in multiple places in a document, edit super-fast, reach the editor’s functionality through the keyboard and get the syntax highlighting and code snippets for a large number of languages. These languages include CSS, C++, HTML, and JavaScript, LESS, PHP, Python, and XML.

  1. Seashore:

Seashore is yet another open-source image editor which utilizes the Mac OS X’s Cocoa Framework. It is a full-fledged image editor that gives Photoshop a run for its money. It provides various features to their end-users including gradients, textures, and anti-aliasing for its text and brush tools. Moreover, it also supports editing over multiple layers and alpha channels. It is an amazing image editor for all Mac users and is also pocket-friendly.

  1. Coda:

If a web designer switches towards Mac then it is most probably because of the Coda app. It is an amazing and intuitive application which makes the web development workflow a breeze. It was actually designed to compartmentalize website developing processes and for team collaboration. The only drawback of Coda is that it isn’t free, but you can get a long bang for less than a hundred dollars.

  1. Tower:

Tower integrates with several other MacOS developer tools. It can be easily controlled from the command line. The Git Tower can become an essential MacOS developer tool for those who want to access their Planio repositories through an intuitive graphical user interface. It provides advanced features to the developers like file history, single line staging, and submodule support. While using this app you don’t have to worry about your mistakes because you can undo them and create new branches through drag and drop, or roll back to previous revisions.

  1. Visual Studio Code:

Visual Studio Code is a free, lightweight yet powerful tool for editing and debugging web applications. This app comes with built-in support for JavaScript, Typescript, and Node. js. It also has integrated Git along with a wide variety of extensions for other languages too. By adjusting its various settings you can modify this software for Mac app developments according to your needs.

Mac is the favorite choice of web developers. The above-mentioned apps are frequently used by developers. I hope by now you have a better understanding of the Mac apps and can choose the best app according to your needs.

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