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After seeing the ranking of the most expensive cars in the world, we pause to analyze the speed to present you the fastest car in the world.

Driving the fastest car in the world is the dream of all the lovers of the thrill

Hold on tight because the fastest car in the world gets 444 km / h! We offer you the ranking of the fastest cars in the world, from Ferrari to Bugatti, in this ranking only cars that manage to exceed 350 km / h … standard!

To find the fastest car in the world, only the cars that were regularly produced were tested, excluding prototypes, concept cars, and cars born only for racing.

It must be said that it is not easy to decree the fastest car in the world because many cars are equipped with electronic limiters to preserve some features of the same car (not to burn the tires, to avoid too many greenhouse gases, to meet the standards for the marketing …).

Certainly this ranking has a number of limitations, just think that from the top ten cars have been excluded as, for example, the Lamborghini Aventador(with a top speed of 350 km / h) and Veneno (with a top speed of 355 km / h) just because only 3 specimens were produced and therefore could not be considered standard cars.

The fastest cars in the world 2018


Di Casa Maranello, LaFerrari, has declared top speed of over 350 km / h.

– Aston Martin One-77

It is the car of James Bond and has a top speed of 354 km / h. 77 copies were produced.

-Gumpert Apollo S

For this German, the technical data show a top speed of 360 km / h.

-Pagani Huayra

The engine is capable of delivering 700 hp in the standard version and 730 in the hi-power configuration. With the price it’s 1.027.290 euros (yes guys! More than a million euros!), Figures among the cars that cost more. Its top speed amounts to 370 km / h.

-Zenvo ST1

The Danish cope registers a top speed limited to 375 km / h.

-McLaren F1

It was 1994 when McLaren recorded the top speed of 391.4 km / h with limiter deactivated; the car, as standard, has a maximum speed limited to 371.8 km / h.

Today McLaren has arrived at the P1 model with a declared speed able to overcome (we do not yet know how much) the 350 km / h.


reaches 412 km / h.

-Koenigsegg Agera R

This Swedish car gets on the podium with a bronze medal for speed. It is counted among the cars that cost the most in the world. This is the extreme evolution of the Agera S.

The 5-liter V8 bi-turbo can deliver up to 1100 hp. The maximum speed is 420 km / h and the price 1,200,000 euros.

-Hennessey Performance Venom GT

The price of this car is close to one million euros (actually costs 960,000 euros) and among the most expensive cars in the world and also among the fastest.

Ensures a total output of 1500 horsepower delivered by a 7-liter twin-turbo V8. The maximum speed is 427 km / h even if it reaches 459 km / h thanks to an optional upgrade.

-Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

The fastest car in the world can only be a Bugatti! The Veyron Super Sport has recorded a top speed of 431 km / h. It has a W16 8-liter quad-hop that for the basic model delivers 1001 hp while the most demanding can boost up to 1200 hp. It costs only 1,434.00 euros (almost one and a half million euros).