Image Source: SpaceX Instagram

SpaceX shows Falcon Heavy in a new video

SpaceX is about to start the secret mission Zuma, expected for next January 5, however, everyone’s eyes are focused on the great event to be held later this month, or the launch of the expected Falcon Heavy. To try to generate further hype – if needed – the Musk company has shared a new video on Instagram, which shows the powerful medium on its test platform.

The caption of the photo is clear: with a thrust of about 2250 tons, equivalent to that of 18 Boeing 747, Falcon Heavy will be the most powerful operating rocket in the world, practically twice the second place. Here is the movie:




The details of the first Falcon Heavy mission are still top secret, however, it is known that inside there will be a Tesla Roadster, used to simulate part of the load that can be housed in the middle. The launch will take place only after SpaceX is able to complete a static test of the 27 Merlin 1D engines that will bring Falcon Heavy into orbit. Until then, every possibility is open, according to what Musk himself said, even the most dramatic, that is, the destruction of the vehicle during take-off.


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