Leaks: Battlefield: Bad Company 3 is the next part of the series and will be unveiled in E3 2018 ..

Bad Company 3 is the next part of the series and will be unveiled in E3 2018…

As we prepare to experience the latest addition to Battlefield 1, “Turning Tides“, the leaks are heading towards the next part of the series, which seems to be at least one of the leaks of a Utopian that he is said to have obtained from reliable sources.

AlmightyDaq talked about some of the leaks about Battlefield 1, which turned out to be real, and now comes back to talk about the next part of the series with some fine details about it, which came as follows:

At first, the game will take place during the Vietnam War and beyond, but the story’s development will not reflect the cold war period that took place in that period and the story of the game will not depend on real events accurately and fully where some will be pure fantasy.

At least confirmed online game sequences are Conquest, Rush, Operations, Domination and Team Deathmatch. There will be a new 5 to 5 upgrade that may be similar to Squad Obliteration.

The style of playing in the online game will focus more on the intensity of the cohesion between the competing teams than the focus on the overall war and long-term battles and large areas and will be somewhat similar to the style of play in the maps Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 reminded us of the map Oasis Grand Bazaar and Harvest Day for example.

As for the weapons, they will be derived from the Vietnam War and the Cold War weapons. The weapons modification system will be similar to the Battlefield 4, which means that it will be a powerful weapon and multiple additions to each weapon can be used, unlike Battlefield 1, In addition, it will be possible to modify the characters and vehicles that will be closer to Battlefield 4.

In terms of vehicles, we expect to see modern tanks, armored LAVs, and helicopters. As for the categories in Battlefield: Bad Company 3, they will be divided into only 4 categories: Engineer, Support, Assault, and Recon. This proves that the game will actually depend on the battles. Closer compared to Battlefield 1.[wp_ad_camp_3]

The game will not contain any kind of purchase from inside the game or collection boxes and EA may avoid doing so.

The source predicted that the game will be announced during the E3 2018 event, which will take place in June (AD 6), where EA used to reveal its great games during the event over the last period and it will be the same with Battlefield: Bad Company 3, A lot of Utopians know from sources that the next part is Battlefield: Bad Company 3 but because of their cooperation and commitments with EA they cannot talk about the game openly through their own channels.

In spite of the many information and details about the upcoming game of the series Battlefield remains under the umbrella of rumors until confirmed by a reliable source, but frankly if this information is true I believe that the game will satisfy the fans of the series, both in terms of direction or in terms of the system of play, do you agree with me ?

Source: http://metro.co.uk/2017/12/12/bad-company-3-next-battlefield-game-claims-insider-7152604/


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