Hideo Kojima shares more information about Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima shares more information about Death Stranding

With the TGA 2017 Award Ceremony, we got a new promotion for the upcoming action game from Death Stranding and coming exclusively for the Sony PlayStation 4.

The new show brought with him many questions with his very strange ideas.

Today, Kojima shared more details with us.

Death Stranding story

According to Kojima, the game will carry different ideas with it. The characters in some way do not die in the game. As we see in the show where we see giant creatures And the world turn upside down and if you mess with the giants you lose your life. where you explore the world of the first perspective is the ability of the hero of the game Sam‘s character and you are not alive or dead this is like the continuation of the screen we see the other games, the idea is to make the player Keep playing all the time nonstop.


More detail about Death stranding

Rain in the game will play an important role in the story. It is not an ordinary rain. Timefall is the name of the rain in the game and is able to manipulate time and therefore we see the plants grow quickly when the rain falls on them as well as humans grow older because the drops of the rain touch them. the majority of the characters in the game aware of this and even Sam himself.

As for the children, they play an important role in the story as well as the way they play. We see the arm of the body on the last character of Sam and the rest of his team, and they radiate life when someone has a fetus inside! Maired Kojima’s assertion is that everything in the game will end up meaningful and will be connected to events.

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