Consider This Before Getting a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Done

There are several factors to consider before getting a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation done. Finding a suitable implementation partner, calculating licensing costs involved, the implementation’s overall impact on your IT ecosystem, the modules you wish to start with most relevant to your business and how you wish to retrieve your reports when work begins on a day-to-day basis are some many factors you must consider before getting a Dynamics 365 Implementation done.

I have written these factors about to help you understand better what exactly you are going to get yourself into by having D365 implemented, it recommended the reason why scheduling a Dynamics 365 Demo in Australia before an actual implementation: 


  • A Dynamics 365 Implementation affects your IT Ecosystem:


Since your IT department handles all technical issues, you must involve them at every stage of the implementation process. Saved data, data that ought to be migrated, the need to have other Microsoft products implemented etc. are decisions that can only take after due consultations with the IT Department. There might license costs involved as well. A Dynamics 365 Demo in Australia helps let know that for a D365 Implementation to happen successfully, Microsoft products such as Azure, DevOps and MS Dynamics Lifecycle Services are necessary. And since each of these have their licensing and maintenance requirements, it only adds up to the overall costs along with the effort that goes into its maintenance.


  • You must choose wisely among products: 


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is the new avatar of Dynamics AX meant for enterprise segment organizations, whereas Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the new avatar of Dynamics NAV meant for small and mid-segment businesses. Your third-party project manager, in charge of getting the implementation done, will be the most suitable person to let you know whether D365 Finance suits your business best or whether it is D365 Business Central. Besides this, there are other modules that can be integrated which include Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Service Automation, Commerce, Human Resources etc. to the ERP, the most likely person being the third-party project manager who can take a successful call on this.


  • Decide on the modules you would like to start with:


With Business Central, end users have the option of implementing the multi-entity module whereas Finance gives them the option of adding the Loan Management and Fixed Asset modules included in the licensing costs, though extra charges are the application for implementation. All external modules carry additional licensing costs and maintenance costs, and the third-party project manager in charge of your implementation project will take whatever factors necessary into consideration and decide upon this.

  • Find out the best way of retrieving reports: 

Besides the standard Microsoft Excel, Microsoft offers three (3) other ways of retrieving reports. Financial Reporter satisfies basic reporting needs and in an integral part of D365 Finance. Embedded BI offers more capabilities than Financial Reporter and can again be thought of to be a part of the scenario. Power BI offers an altogether range of new reporting tools and is an option that must be considered carefully after due consideration with the implementation partner.

These are some of the factors that you must consider before going in for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation.


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