Bad Company 3
Image Source: Battlefield

Battlefield Bad Company 3 will not leave in 2018, according to new evidence

A few days ago we reported about a new video from youtube Channel AmightyDaq, known for having leaked Battlefield 1 with total precision, in which it predicted the return of the expected spin-off Battlefield Bad Company 3 for 2018. However, a new publication on its channel and certain inquiries from the Eurogamer portal have made a clean slate, and now that Bad Company 3 does enter DICE’s plans, but will not arrive next year.


The new video indicates that the next game in the series will be focused on World War II and will be developed by DICE Sweden, expanding the Battlefield 1 proposal; It will have large maps and microtransactions of purely cosmetic character after the controversy that hit Star Wars Battlefront 2. Bad Company 3 would be part of a conglomerate of titles that go through DICE’s long-term plans, leaving the Los Angeles-based studio in the background for the development of this game.

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