American girl used Bitcoin to move money to ISIS, US police reports

A woman from the USA used BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies to help the ISIS.

The name of the woman is Zoobia Shahnaz.

According to BBS, She is 27 years old and she has been charged with Bank fraud, planning to money laundering.

According to Media report, she belongs to Pakistan.

She had been working as a lab technician in the USA.

Public Officials say that she had taken out unlawful loans of almost 85 thousand US Dollars because she wanted to buy Bitcoin Online.

As we are aware of the rising price of BitCoin this year so she thought about it.

As Court records that Shahnaz lives in Brentwood on Long Island and she worked as a technician at a Manhattan hospital.


Public Officials further added that she got a Pakistani Passport and booked a flight to her homeland. she was planning to Travel to Syria.

She had been arrested by the Officers at John Kennedy Airport. She was taking $ 9,500 in Cash to somewhere. The limit of Cash taking out of the country is 10,000 without announcing the Funds.

When her devices were checked Officers realized that the searches material in Search engine related to ISIS.

Now she has been punished with 20 years in prison on money laundering charges and further 30 years for the Bank fraud.

Steve Zissou, her lawyer says that she wanted to help Syrian Refugees by sending them money.



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