Political Robot
Image Source: http://www.newshub.co.nz

A Political Robot has been developed with an artificial intelligence

Are you interested in Politics? Do you want to join politics? which political party you should join? There are a lot of questions yet to be answered, But what happens if your leader is a Political Robot?

Yes, Robot Politician.

A research was conducted in New Zealand and finally, it has ended in these days.

Researchers in New Zealand has created a Robot and they call it “World’s first political Robot”.

Yes, a Political Robot has been developed with an artificial intelligence Brain and his name is “Sam”.

The Political Robot can Answer your Questions related to Educations, health, housing and immigration and other matters.


This Political Robot can remember every kind of topics but It can’t tell you about weather condition.

When this Outstanding Robot was asked a question about his Bio then he replied: “I’m able to answer your all questions with making any mistakes, I care about everyone in society, I can remember all topics”.

This Political robot will be able to answer through Facebook messenger and nowadays he is being trained for the debates.

According to the newhub website, SAM will be able to stand for election in New Zealand next year.

If you want to discuss any political issues then click here

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