Google launches its new Mobile data saving app “Datally”

Google launches its new Mobile data saving app “Datally”

According to Media, The world’s biggest Search Engine “Google” launches a new mobile data saving app called Datally app.

The main purpose of developing this app is to make easier ways for the users who are curious about their mobile data.

As you know, If you have a SmartPhone and you’re sitting free from Work. What would you do?

Would you like to Play games? Would you like to listen to Kinds of music? Would you watch the videos?

Whatever you watch, listen and play, your Android mobile apps keep working without stopping and They reduce your Smartphone Speed. These downloaded apps reduce your data. in order to get rid of these kinds of problems, Google has Released Datally app for you.

Functions of Datally App

It will help you get that where is your data going and reduce, how much is being used by you.

It will show the complete data usage which means, How many apps are there on your mobile which are using more data.

One of the main reasons why Google has developed this application is to help users understand data as well as control and save data, which will allow you to view your data usage on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

A new feature has been added called Find Wi-Fi and by pressing this option, it will search the application on the Wi-Fi networks near you and bring it to you.

According to Google, after a few months of testing, the application was able to save up to 30% of user data, and from today the application is available to all, free and complete from Google Play Store.

How to Download Datally app?

If you need to download this Outstanding app then just click on the below.

Download the Datally application from here.