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YouTube launches the dark screen mode for mobile

YouTube has taken the dark screen mode of the web version to the mobile application. At the moment, it has launched the option for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and “very soon” will also reach devices with Android operating systems.

You can activate the dark screen by clicking on your profile picture that appears in the upper right corner, under Settings and among the options that appear under the title “YouTube”. Some users will see the option directly in the bottom bar of the main page. Make sure to update the application before searching for this option, since the dark screen is only available in the latest version of YouTube.


This mode has several advantages over the white screen. The dark background helps to focus better attention on the video and not on the outline and supposes a greater rest for the eyes when they are looking at the screen fixedly for a long time, according to Techcrunch.

In addition, the dark mode spends less battery compared to the white background (the savings will be noticed by users who spend at least one hour a day on the platform). It also offers a more “cinematic” environment and allows you to better appreciate the actual colors of the video, they assure from YouTube.

The dark screen mode has many advantages, such as saving battery and the better appreciation of colors

In August of last year, the platform changed its ‘look’ completely and released a new logo, the first renewal of the icon in the 12 years of YouTube history. The platform renewed the typography, the combination of colors and gave the application an updated look.\


In the context of this general transformation of the interface, the video platform added the option of dark wallpaper to the web version. It’s the same function that now comes to YouTube mobile apps.

Already at the launch of the new interface, YouTube explained that the aesthetic changes were part of a total renovation that aimed to “create a common language for all applications of the family in different platforms .” The incorporation of the dark screen mode for mobile phones would be part of this initiative.

YouTube wants Internet users to be able to identify the brand easily in all its applications, whether they are for mobile, tablet, video game console or smart TV, and also recognize the YouTube seal in their affiliated companies, such as YouTube Kids, Gaming or Red.

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