Why Do Some People Buy iPhones Instead Of Android Phones

Why Do Some People Buy iPhones Instead Of Android Phones?

In 2007, when Apple’s headteacher Steve Jobs first announced about the iPhone, it was aroused in people’s minds. Nokia’s Symbian Smartphone was a triumph then. As well as Android Smartphone continues to move forward. The fact that the iPhone was something of a breakthrough at the time, it came in at 2019, but the new invention is not limited to Apple. Samsung, Sony, Nokia or the current oppo, Vivo or Xiaomi are also looking at new technologies.

But then one thing must be noticed is that where other companies are releasing numerous phones with different budgets, Apple is far ahead in selling phones even with just two to three phone releases of their iPhones annually. This is because of some of their customers who use the iPhone for certain reasons and do not find peace using any other platform or brand.

So let’s see what causes some people to use only the iPhone despite the cost and restrictions:

Best optimization:

While other brands’ Android phones have brought up to 32GB of RAM, the Apple flagship iPhone Ten S Max’s RAM is just 5GB. But even then the performance remains in the front row. So what’s the secret to this motion of the iPhone? Nothing more, but the high level of optimization. Apple makes only 2-5 phones a year and makes software for itself. So they easily optimize the software for a specific device. So even with relatively low RAM, the iPhone is best for speed.

IOS touches:

Yes, it’s true that Apple’s iOS operating system isn’t as customizable as Android’s so simple. But the best part of this is simply is iPhone selfie techniques. Many call Apple’s software its best product. IOS is no exception. Regular software updates will get all the bug fixes hot. On top of that, Apple will develop the software, so even with the use of older iPhones, the latest features will not be missed. And even if you are a customization freak, there are Jailbreak options for you, but you will be missing out on warranty benefits.

Simple UI:

Like Android, iPhone has many features. However, the user interface of iOS has not been filled with any unnecessary customization or features. Moreover, the entire user interface is very much of a “Gorgias in Simple” type. All the kids from old to old can easily adapt to its user interface.

Best apps:

Almost everything the mobile app has for both iOS and Android platforms. But iOS users get some apps that are not available for Android users. In fact, because Apple’s development environment is very usable, external developers prefer to build an app for iOS. Moreover, without the App Store on iOS, the app cannot be easily sideloaded so there is no opportunity to crack and use paid apps. So developers make more profit by creating an app for the iPhone. You must have noticed that all new features of apps like Facebook or Instagram are available to the iPhone users.


Apple has always been careful about the security of iPhone users. You can encrypt the iPhones very well. As a result, thieves will not be able to use the phone online even after a hundred attempts to reset the phone. Because of the many customizations and flexibility on Android, viruses and malware are easily attacked. But with the many levels of restriction on the system level on the iPhone, malware penetration is almost impossible.

Apple ecosystem:

Apple enthusiasts are seen using Apple’s many products together. Any device like MacBook, Apple Watch, iPad or Apple TV, which is very well coordinated with each other will give you a very good experience. This is seen more and more as Apple’s gadgets become available in Europe-America. So many people do not want to look at other brands as they cannot get out of the cycle of the Apple ecosystem. This ecosystem of Apple devices greatly increases the productivity of professionals. Companies like Samsung, Huawei are working to develop their own ecosystem, but Apple is far ahead.

After-sales service:

Almost all mobile phone companies offer warranties, but Apple’s after-sales service is at another level. You can easily find a solution to any hardware or software related problem from Apple. They will even give you the latest iPhone for some money with your old iPhone. Moreover, iPhone models all over the world, but the users are numerous and will get good support from the online community.

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