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Simulated the climate of “Game of Thrones” VIDEO

The Throne of Swords, a hit television series in the world.

Laurie Penny writes: Game of Thrones is the perfect story of our times.

Stories help us to anticipate the trauma and prepare for it.

We sit in front of the TV and imagine how we could overcome those horrible things if they happen to us or someone we love, and even if the answer is “I would never make it” we still feel a little better.

At this moment, the most worrying prospect is that the world could be managed by violent idiots who have no idea what they are doing, too busy scrambling to see that global warming could soon wipe us out.

And voila, the scenario is completed.

Ice storms and torrid climates. We know well (Editor’s note) that in the fantastic world of dragons, kings, queens of the successful series of Game of Thrones the seasons are abnormal, and more precisely unpredictably very long, where summers and winters can last even years. And now, to explore this world and unveil how the climate can influence the evolution of the plot, comes a publication , appeared in a magazine invented for the occasion (called Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of King’s Landing), signed by researchers of the universities of Bristol, Cardiff and Southampton under the pseudonym Samwell Tarly (one of the characters in the saga of the ice and fire chronicles which inspired the series) who used a mathematical model to exactly simulate the climate of the world of the Iron Throne and thus reproduce the particularly long seasons of the series ….

Simulated the Games of Thrones climate, finally a consistent use of climate models

I admit not to be an admirer of the successful TV series, indeed, I admit to knowing only in name. How many should know more will be able to confirm that, apparently, in the world in which the fiction is set the climate is rather disgusting. And you do not want to be able to simulate it with the fabulous climatic models that with 1, 2, 3, 4 variables make you the Land of the monsters and with 5 you also fly it? I know, this last sentence is paraphrased by the much more serious release of John Von Neuman, father of the modeling: ” With four parameters I can describe an elephant and with five I can make him move his trunk “. But the sense is that: with the appropriate assumptions you can model anything, in this case also the climate of a planet whose “axis of rotation rolls (sic!) so that the planet always has the same hemisphere in the sun “.


This has made a team of British researchers, in the perfect style of the changing climate. I know what I want to show and I simulate it, only to say that I have been able, with my perfect instrument, to show that I am right. A game? Not exactly, because this is how the climate models are used today. The theory is that the world works with CO2, models are built that go to CO2 to show that the world goes to CO2. Brilliant, even if just a little circular as reasoning ;-).

You ask, why take it out with brilliant researchers who are passionate about fiction? For clarity, nothing against, if climafiction must be that climate is. However, if you could avoid applying global warming to the Games of Thrones world it would be better. But no, doubling of CO2, increase in temperature even that pistachio with rolling axis and result that ” is consistent with the climate sensitivity identified by the IPCC ” for the Earth, whose axis does not roll but always a post will become if we do not plant it, a word of an infallible climate model.

The Iron Throne has attracted a record number of viewers on HBO and generated an international ‘fandom’. The Iron Throne holds two world records (most pirated TV program) and has won 38 Emmy Awards out of a total 106 nominations.

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