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The PlayStation 4 Pro console (Sony)

Shopping Guide PlayStation 4: Console, VR, and games

It’s been five years since Sony launched the fourth iteration of its popular desktop console. In the world of technology, five years is an eternity, but the truth is that PlayStation 4 is still a console as much or more recommended than the first day. Although it is no longer the most cutting-edge machine of the moment, the catalog of games that it has managed to accumulate during all these years, together with Sony’s clear signs that it intends to continue supporting it, make its purchase in 2017 very recommendable.

The Japanese company recently announced that 70 million units of PlayStation 4 have already been sold, a really impressive figure that places it as the great winner of the current generation of consoles, and that in turn guarantees a promising future in the short-medium term. Two different models of the console (Slim and Pro), a clear commitment to virtual reality and a powerful catalog of exclusive titles are the main virtues of the Sony machine.

The console: “Slim” or “Pro”?

Playstation 4
PlayStation 4 ‘Slim’ is the latest redesign of the original console model (Sony)

For a year now, PlayStation 4 can be purchased in two different models, the original (with the trade name ” Slim “) and a version with more technical features called PlayStation 4 Pro. All console games are compatible with both models without exception; Now, those users who choose PlayStation 4 Pro will enjoy a slight improvement in visual presentation and performance. While the “Slim” model is aimed at the general public, PlayStation 4 Pro is more designed for that type of user whose dedication to the video game is greater.

The price of the “Slim” model with a 500 GB hard drive is usually around 300 euros, although it is often advisable to purchase the console in a pack with games or more storage capacity. For example, the PlayStation 4 “Slim” usually meets two games, or with a 1TB hard drive and a game, for around 350 euros. In contrast, the price of the basic model of the PlayStation 4 Pro with 1 TB is usually around 400 euros, being 440 euros if it comes with a game.

PlayStation VR: Is it really worth it?

PlayStation VR
PlayStation VR is the most balanced reality system on the market. (Sony)

A year ago Sony opted to bring virtual reality to your console with the launch of PlayStation VR and, the truth is that the play has not gone bad. Recently, the Japanese company announced that they have already sold 2 million units of this device, a considerable amount to ensure continuity to this platform of immersive experiences.

PlayStation VR already has around 120 compatible games , a list that has recently been expanded with the arrival of new exclusive titles such as the disturbing adventure The Inpatient , adaptations of classic titles like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim , or games that offer features or compatible modes, such as Gran Turismo Sport or Resident Evil 7 . Precisely, these last three games are part of a new promotion with which Sony offers the PlayStation VR helmet, the necessary PlayStation Camera, the VR Worlds demo disc and one of the games mentioned for 350 euros. It is an interesting reduction with respect to the price with which the device was launched a year ago.

Exclusive games: The hallmark of the console

For a while now Sony has been betting on maintaining a more than the considerable selection of exclusive games for their consoles. This strategy is allowing PlayStation 4 to gather an interesting selection of titles that can only be played on this machine and that, undoubtedly, are the true hallmark of the console. If 2016 was the year of jewels like Uncharted 4, Ratchet & Clank or The Last Guardian, this 2017 does not fall short thanks to productions such as the aforementioned Gran Turismo Sport, the new Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, or the game of world adventures Open Horizon: Zero Dawn.


The particular stamp that Japanese development studios often print in their games has been especially noticed this year on PlayStation 4. Nioh is a dark adventure of samurai that rescues many elements of the popular series Dark Souls, while Nier: Automata is a surprising role and action game by the prestigious PlatinumGames team. Both games are exclusive to PS4, but can also be played on PC, something that does not happen with Persona 5, a Japanese role-playing game that has dazzled thanks to an aesthetic and absolutely disruptive mechanics.

Multiplatform games: From great successes to different proposals

As it could not be otherwise, the great multiplatform successes, those that are also available in its competitor Xbox One and PC, also occupy an important place in the PlayStation 4 catalog. There are also corresponding best-selling versions such as Call of Duty WWII, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Destiny 2 or the sports car FIFA 18, PES 2018 or NBA 2K18. Likewise, for those players who prefer to immerse themselves in single-player experiences, the immersive productions of the American label Bethesda Softworks, games like the irreverent Wolfenstein II: The New Order do not fail., the terrifying The Evil Within 2 or science fiction Prey.

In the category of independent games that have stood out in this 2017 highlights What Remain of Edith Finch. This evocative story takes us to the heart of a mansion full of memories and offers some of the most intense moments that this year has given the world of electronic entertainment. The same happens with Rime, the precious puzzle made by the Madrid studio Tequila Works, one of the “indie” games of the year. And although this 2017 may not have been the best year when it comes to games for the little ones on PlayStation 4, as usual, the little LEGO characters and their Marvel Super Heroes 2 are busy saving the ballot.

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