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How to protect your home’s Wifi against hacks

Are you tired of having your home Wifi stolen? Do you think that a neighbor is using your Internet connection without your permission? We are going to teach you how to protect the wifi in your home to prevent friends or others from taking advantage of you through your router.

All Internet connections pass through our router, which is a control station in charge of managing incoming and outgoing traffic. The problem is that there are hundreds of programs to know the password of our router to access our Internet connection. Can Wi-Fi protect against these attacks?

of course.

Every day there are new vulnerabilities that make it more difficult to protect the home wifi

One of the main problems is the, to put it mildly, basic default security settings of the routers offered by the main operators. Most have a generic key that is very easy to guess in order to steal wifi from the neighbor who does not know how to change the router password.

Not to mention security failures that botnets like KRACK use to access your router. And here, without the manufacturer’s update, there is little to do … Luckily, there are always ways to protect your Wi-Fi network against lovers of others.

First of all, say that any router offers a basic firewall that protects us against unwanted traffic thanks to port filtering. The problem is that sometimes we open certain ports to download through Torrent services or play online at higher speeds. And this is a problem.

Whether you use these services or not, one of the most important points to protect your home’s Wi-Fi is to have UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) turned off. This tool allows consoles and smart TV to open ports and manage a configuration port but it can also be used by hackers to access your connection. Find a tutorial to see how to disable UPnP on your router to avoid problems.

Protect your home wifi by changing the router password

Believe it or not, that very long code under the router is a generic key and the vast majority of programs to hack Wi-Fi networks will allow you to access your Internet connection quickly and easily.

The solution? change the wifi password. In this way, we will create a password that will be required to access the Wi-Fi network of your router. There are different security standards but the one you have to use is WPA2, which is the most secure.


To do this you must access your router and look for the Wi-Fi connection option to change the password. Most routers are accessed by typing in the browser bar and entering “admin” and “admin” as the user. If it does not work, leave the user section blank and if it still does not work, search the Internet for a tutorial on how to access your router.

Of course, do not put a simple password. Many people put their mobile number or landline with a zero in front and, although you think you have had the idea of the century, it is likely that you continue stealing the wifi. Put a complicated password with symbols and capital letters to protect the wifi of your home as it should be.

Another advice is to update the router periodically. How? Are the routers updated? Even if it does not look like it, that’s right. Do not expect constant updates but it is likely that your router does not have the latest version of the manufacturer’s software.

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