Essential tips for designing signboards for high rise buildings

Essential Tips For Designing Signboards For High Rise Buildings

High rise buildings are on the rise because the population in the urban areas is increasing along with the demand of the markets. Now many businesses are moving their offices into those multiple floor buildings.

But this brings in two main problems: firstly the business is now in the middle of a lot of other companies so they have less chance to stand out and secondly the signboards need to be set in a way that they can be located from a distance. This puts a lot of stress on the designing process for the sign because you have less space to stand out.

If you are located in a tall building of a UAE region, then you need to even more careful because the exterior of UAE is stunning and the competition of signboards is reasonably high. Thus you need to be creative with the design while conveying the right message. Are you confused about the creative aspect then leaving that to professional designers of outdoor signage Dubai is the best possible option as they have an excellent reputation for being creative?

This article is going to share some tips on designing a signboard for the high rise buildings.

Handy tips for designing a signboard for high rise buildings:

When you have a workplace in a plaza or a tall building, then the competition is enormous as there are a lot of companies putting up their hoarding. You have to invest in the design which will not represent your company but also use the latest trends. This is going to be a marketing element to elevate and boost the growth of your business.

Following are some of the elements which you can use to design a great looking sign for your office:

Size of the signboard:

Depending on the size of the building you can use different sizes for the signboard. It depends on the budget you have but also the advertisement aspect. You need to have the size which is appropriate for the campaign you are putting up. For example, if you are a telecom company and need to introduce a new package, then it can have a larger than life signboard.

Consider the color selection:

Because it is going to be placed on the high-rise building; thus, it becomes even more critical. It should be visible from several kilometers, and people should be able to understand who the company is. The color selection is going to play a strong role in that. Choose the color which complements the campaign and the company so that it reflects your branding.


A picture speaks a thousand words so why not use illustrations. This is because instead of putting people in the struggle to read things on your signboard why not offer them something which is not only comprehensive but attracts the attention instantly. However, be mindful of the relevancy of the image or illustration.

Final notes!

High-rise buildings are increasing, and signboards on them are becoming congested. If you want to put up your advertisement on it or you have an office in the building and want people to locate you need to design the signboard well.  Use these tips to do so and if you think that it is not doable at home or office then hire professional outdoor signage Dubai to assist you in designing one creative signboard.

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