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A comprehensive guide on TRA compliance levels

The United Arab Emirates has a vast network of telecommunication channels across different states. These channels are highly effective for connectivity and internet operations. Being the best in the world, the system might have something special. Have you ever thought of what that something special could be? Let me tell you; it is their Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) that is keeping everything in line. The TRA must approve the telecom devices operating in the UAE to ensure public and service providers’ safety. Talking about the TRA, the authority has implemented a new approval version, called 2.0. This article will walk you through the compliance levels mentioned in that recent version. Are you ready? Let us get started!

Telecom Regulatory Authority Compliance Levels:

Type Approval is the term for the way toward determining and registering the telecommunication equipment. The TRA must approve all the Radio and terminal equipment that are brought and used in the premises of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The sole reason behind this approval to protect the network, the public, and the service providers from any short or long-term damage. 

TRA Type Approval is the necessity for Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (RTTE) to comply with explicit specialized guidelines. They should enlist such hardware with the TRA before it very well may be utilized, sold, or conveyed in the UAE. Let us discuss some of the compliance levels of TRA that are changed in the new 2.0 version:

1.  Level ONE: Declaration of conformity:

As mentioned, they approved the equipment to avoid any mishap to the network. The category Radio and Terminal Equipment (RTTE) is broad, containing different risk levels and priorities. From lower risk and priority to higher risk and priority level, all these equipment are well-classified. Those with a lower level of risk to the network fall under the declaration of conformity compliance. 

The approving body requires the provider to present a supplier declaration of conformity (SDoC). I granted the approval based on the SDoC. Along with SDoc, I considered some other technical standards before confirmation. 

2. Level TWO: General Equipment Registration:

This level will apply to Radio and telecommunication equipment of medium risk and priority. The importer of the telecom equipment or the manufacturer will have to present proof of conformity for specific telecom equipment. A particular device’s technical standards must also confirm before it’s put to actual use. Now one must think about where he/she should get the proofs? Well, here is the answer: The TRA’s certification entities where the enrolled maker or importer of radio and communications devices give evidence of congruity to the specialized norms and fundamental necessities. Specialized test reports gave by an ILAC-guaranteed lab or dependent on a conformity declaration by one of TRA’s confirmation offices. 

On the off chance that the affirmed test report isn’t accessible, TRA may, at the candidate’s cost, perform equipment testing or request equipment testing in a recognized testing lab. We intend all these measures to protect the public and the communication network from any harm and danger. 

3. Level THREE: Advanced Equipment Registration:

This level will apply to radio and telecommunications equipment of substantial risk and priority. Of all the RTTE, the ones that fall under this category are more dangerous and should delete with greatly. The equipment here, if unapproved, can cause substantial damage to the network and the public. The importer or the service provider, same like level two, will have to present the following fundamental prerequisites:

  • Submitting test reports issued by a recognized test lab
  • Performing extra technical tests at the telecom hardware National Lab.

The TRA Type Approval requires the manufacturers or the importer to present a sample of the RTTE equipment to be approved. We should do this as a part of the mandatory approval process. 

From April 30, 2019 workshop with UAE TRA, it referenced that Level I will apply 3 on any item which doesn’t have a test report from ILAC affirmed test labs. This likewise incorporates Mobile, Tablet, Handsets gadgets regardless of whether test reports issued by ILAC guaranteed test labs are available.

TRA Declaration Conformity Card (Approval regime conformity Mark):

The enrolled producer or merchant of broadcast communications gear will give the TRA Declaration of Conformity Card (Type Approval Regime Conformity Mark) on the box in clear and non-removable format. We should do it before offering, selling, or making the hardware accessible in the UAE market. The TRA Declaration of Conformity Card will put under the presentation foundation of media communications gear in retail locations clearly and coherently.)

Secure your equipment and network with TRA approval!

Telecom and Radio equipment often pose great threats to the public and the entire network. Without approval, such devices should not bring and operated in the marketplace. Ensure the safety of the environment and the public through type approval. 

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