How to recover disabled Facebook Account with the help of Images
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How to recover disabled Facebook Account

How to recover disabled Facebook Account with the help of Images

You had a facebook account and got disabled? Now you’re struggling to know” how to recover disabled Facebook account”, right?

It also happened to me and it seemed that I had lost all my data.

I read many Expert’s Pieces of Advice then got Recovered my disabled Facebook Account, so I’ve decided to deliver their Advises to you all.

How to recover disabled Facebook Account

I wrote on Google search bar “Facebook”.

How to recover disabled Facebook Account

I wrote on Facebook My Email and Password.

How to recover disabled Facebook Account

Facebook showed me this message.

How to recover disabled Facebook Account

I was shocked because that was the very first time I saw the message while I was opening my Facebook Account.

I thought it could be the Internet or Other Issue.

The very next day, again I tried to open my facebook account it was shown again.


I opened Social media site Facebook on my Smartphone and write there:

  • MY Facebook Email
  • My Facebook Password

How to recover disabled Facebook Account

Again I received that message from Facebook.

I realized that something was wrong with my account.

What happened then?

I started searching on Google/Youtube or other sites how to recover the disabled Facebook account.

I read many articles.

I watched many videos.

I discussed this issue with many experts.

What did I decide to do?

When I was tired of searching this topic I decided to create a new account.

I was upset because I created my Facebook account 8 years ago.

I uploaded on that Account every moment of my life.

I published many photos of memorable moments. That’s why I was struggling so hard.

How did I recover disabled Facebook Account?

Finally, I recovered disabled facebook account.

I know you’ve been suffering from this condition for a few days/months/years.

I have recovered my all photos and other materials.

Now, I want you to recover your Disabled facebook Account.

What is the best method to recover disabled facebook account?

I’m going to share with you the best method of Facebook account recovery which I applied and recovered my Account.

Here You go…

  1. First of all, open Google
  2. Write there Facebook

Write your email and Password then check what message you’re being shown.

I give you an Example: If Facebook has deleted your account permanently then this message will be shown” Your Account has been permanently deleted” It’s a bad news for you.

If you see this message

How to recover disabled Facebook Account

it means you can recover your Disabled facebook account with the help of this method.

How to Recover disabled Facebook Account with the help of this Method

In order to recover your Facebook Account, you must remember your disabled Facebook account Name and Email Address.

IF you have not forgotten your Facebook Email address and Facebook Account Password then Here you go…

I’m providing you 2 forms.

You have to fill given forms. 

If you are logged in with another Account then log out now.

  • This is first form below:

How to recover disabled Facebook Account

Click here to open the Form

  • firstly, Write your Email Address or Mobile number you used to log in
  • secondly, Write your name(Name you set for that Account)
  • In the Additional info, Field, write “Hi Facebook Team, This is my Real(Official) Facebook Account kindly reactivate my disabled facebook Account…Thanks”


  • Here is the 2nd Form:

How to recover disabled Facebook Account

Click here to Open 2nd Form

  • Firstly, Write your Disabled Account’s Email Address or Contact number as mentioned in this form
  • secondly, Write the full name of your disabled FB Account

As mentioned Above all the details just fill the forms and Enjoy your Disabled Facebook Account.

I assure you, this will take 10 to 15 minutes to enable your Account.

Don’t forget to Share with your Friends or Family. Maybe they have lost access to their Accounts.

Note: IF you find any grammar mistakes or any other mistakes, Kindly inform me I’ll Correct as soon as possible.


Don’t forget to Leave your Comments Below…

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