iPhones slow down
The latest updates of the iOS 11 operating system preserve battery life at the cost of slowing down mobile phones

Apple slows down older iPhone, Why do older iPhones slow down?

Apple is facing a new controversy around the iPhone these days. While the newest model, the iPhone X, wins awards to the best terminal of 2017, many users of models from previous years, such as iPhone6, iPhone6S, iPhone7, and iPhone SE, have noticed a reduction in the speed of the process of their phones. It is not a defect. The slowness has been added by the company itself to better preserve the life of the batteries that have more time.

It all started with a study of the Geekbench technology portal, which after being warned by users about the slowdown of some terminals with the iOS 11.2.1 update, performed a test to effectively verify that the older models of iPhone had become slower than they were before. The tests concluded that this slowdown occurred and, in addition, that the speed scores of the same models could vary according to the age of the battery.

That is, in models that had been changed to a new one, the performance was better. All this led to the conclusion that Apple had introduced some kind of change in the management of batteries that was what caused the slowdown of older iPhone models. Another North American technology portal, TechCrunch, obtained an Apple statement on this issue.

Why do older iPhones slow down?

The key, according to the company, lies in the limitations of the lithium-ion technology that today equips the batteries of most SmartPhones, which causes them to suffer degradation over time. A possible remedy, the one adopted by the company, is to force them less to extend their useful life as much as possible.


“Last year,” Apple said, “we launched a feature for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE to smooth out the instant peaks only when necessary to prevent the device from shutting down unexpectedly during these conditions. Now we extend that function to the iPhone 7 with iOS 11.2 and plan to add support for other products in the future. ” “Our goal,” Apple said, “is to offer the best experience for customers, which includes the overall performance and the extended life of their devices.”

But those explanations have been taken as an acknowledgment that the capabilities of a device are limited without warning its users. This is based on two separate class actions filed against Apple by groups of iPhone users in the states of California and Illinois. The basis of the complaint is that the company did not have the consent of the users to slow down the mobiles. One of the lawsuits states that with this lower speed, the owner of the mobile phone is fraudulently forced to buy the latest model.

Among the compensations demanded, Apple is required to change the mobile phone with current models. There is a serious flaw in one of the lawsuits, in which it is said that there are users of the iPhone 7S, a model that has never come into existence.

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