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Can the wing of a wounded butterfly be repaired?


It may seem incredible but with extreme delicacy and dexterity, it is possible to repair the broken wing of a butterfly. This is the case of Romy McCloskey, a young Texas designer who got a monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) to fly for the first time after reconstructing its broken wing. …

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Minecraft: a parallel world of 74 million active monthly players


Minecraft continues to grow disproportionately, so much so that it reached a new record last month, with 74 million active monthly users. The news has been released by Helen Chiang, the new head of the game who has been overseeing many contents for Minecraft for three years. During a telephone …

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A Tesla Model X stars in this surprising snow rescue

A Tesla Model X

Snow can be very treacherous and can become a great enemy for onboard travel of any type of vehicle. During the last few days, cold storms in different parts of the world have caused a multitude of complicated situations for drivers that have sometimes been surprising. And that was precisely …

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The spray that makes objects indestructible


A spray that can make any object practically indestructible: this is the most synthetic definition of Line-X. By covering a watermelon with the spray, it is possible to prevent it from breaking even after a throw from over 50 meters high. Line-X coatings have been in existence for some years …

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LG X4+, the new mid-range LG military certified and LG Pay-compatible mid-range LG

LG X4+

Although it will take a while for us to see a new flagship of LG, as the LG G7 (or LG G10, we still do not know what its name will be) will not arrive until mid-March, the company continues to expand its catalogue, even if for the time being …

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Apple allows you to disable the feature that slows down older iPhone


Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, announced during an interview with ABC News that the company will make available to its users an update of its iOS 11 operating system that will allow them to see what the status of their battery is and disable the slowdown in iPhone performance with degraded …

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Super Mario Company Announces Nintendo Labo, a New Product Line

Nintendo Labo

Cardboard accessories for playing video games. This is the idea behind Nintendo Labo, a surprising new product line that the Japanese company has just unveiled through a video that has been posted on its social networks. The invention consists of a series of cardboard mounting kits that, together with the …

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Hasselblad’s new camera takes photos of 400 megapixels


Hasselblad has unveiled its new H6D-400c MS camera, capable of capturing up to 400 megapixels thanks to its multi-display capability. To obtain images with this resolution, the camera combines up to 6 frames of 100 megapixels, combined with the sensor shift principle as in its previous camera. The result is …

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This way you can prevent your computer from being used to generate bitcoins


Between the months of June and December of last year, the price of a bitcoin went from 2,000 dollars to 20,000. There are two ways to get bitcoins. One of them is simple: buying them. There are exchange houses specialized in converting dollars or euros into this virtual currency. The …

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No plans to bring the Netflix app to the Nintendo Switch


Netflix seems not to be destined to land on Nintendo Switch despite, in October, a series of rumors indicated the arrival of an application created ad hoc in early 2018. The news, which will generate some discussion, comes directly from Twitter and precisely from the customer service of the well-known …

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