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Elon Musk: “You’re just like Trump!” Why do you think he got elected in the first place?

Elon musk

This is what Elon Musk replied on Twitter Thought you’d say that. Anytime anyone criticizes the media, the media shrieks “You’re just like Trump!” Why do you think he got elected in the first place? Because no ones believe you anymore. You lost your credibility a long time ago. Thought …

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Zuckerberg: “We are going to avoid the manipulations in the elections as Russia did in the USA”

The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, welcomes the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerbeg (John Thys / AFP)

Marck Zuckerberg’s appearance before the United States Congress was a real show and highlighted important aspects of privacy in the social network founded by him. In the European Parliament, today also has tried to show the benefits of their practices. Something that happens a few days after the entry into …

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PlayStation 5 would be the first console to carry Ryzen CPU

PlayStation 5

There are indications that the next PlayStation 5 will carry an AMD Ryzen processor in its bowels. As we read in Phoronix, Simon Pilgrim, the main programmer of the Advanced Technology Group of Sony, is working to modify the compiler stack LLVM (Low-Level Virtual Machine) to improve compatibility with the …

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Discovered the first interstellar asteroid that moved to the Solar System

Discovered the first interstellar asteroid that moved to the Solar System

At the beginning of the Solar System, while violent collisions gave light to the planets from a disk of dust and rocks, a stranger from another system made him his new home. It was the asteroid that astronomers have named 2015 BZ509, the first object resident in our system that …

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Are there microbes on other planets?

Are there microbes on other planets

The Atacama Desert in Chile is one of the most inhospitable places on the planet, at least for most living creatures. Sometimes only 8mm of rain falls every year, and a crust of salt has covered the ground. Yet scientists have discovered microbes and communities of bacteria that survive 25 …

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Despite being banned, China is Facebook’s second largest customer

Despite being banned, China is Facebook's second largest customer

China is the second largest advertising market for Facebook, according to a study. Although the social network is censored, companies in the country see a great opportunity to export their activities. Far from the eyes, near the wallet. Since 2009, the biggest social networks are banned from China. And yet, …

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What is Nebula and how are nebulae formed

What is Nebula? its concept and how are nebulae formed

In space, it is possible to locate impressive cosmic formations in every sense: from their fantastic appearance to their exquisite chemical composition. There are many, millions, but among them, a group stands out, called nebulas, which look like colorful clouds floating in the interstellar medium. They consist, mainly, of hydrogen …

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NASA has carried out computer simulations that have shown that with spacecraft can take water samples and evaluate the potential of life

One of Jupiter's moons could hold life

A new analysis of the measurements made by NASA’s Galileo spacecraft, more than 20 years ago on one of Jupiter’s moons, Europe, has revealed that it could have enough ingredients to house life. The new study, published in the journal Nature Astronomy, points out that Galileo – a satellite that …

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Xbox One: New barrier-free controller leaked?

Xbox One

Microsoft presents a new controller for the Xbox One at the games fair E3 2018? A leak on Twitter shows an interesting model! New controller for consoles provides generally quite a stir in the gaming community. On the apparently latest work by Microsoft, that could also apply: On Twitter is …

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Alter Ego: This student gives computer commands with the voice in his head!

MIT Media Lab

MIT student Arnav Kapur has developed a technology that allows him to communicate with his computer without speaking or typing in commands. Instead, he only has to formulate the command internally. A newly developed device called Alter Ego then captures the order and sends it to a computer via Bluetooth. …

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