How Much RAM Does Your Mobile Phone Needs?

How Much RAM Does My Smartphone Need? A Quick Guide

You may have observed smartphones being launched with more and more memory. The configurations of 4 GB RAM + 32 GB ROM and 8 GB RAM + 64 GB ROM and even 12 GB RAM + 128 GB ROM area now new normal.

It brings us to the question – how much RAM do you use and actually required for smooth usage?

In this post that you are going through, we will look at a few questions regarding the same. This way, you will be able to know how much memory you need in a mobile phone. Read on!

Why going for a mobile phone with 12 GB RAM is not needed?

As things stand today, many smartphones come with 12GB of RAM. But, you should know that 12 or 8 GB of RAM is not actually needed for a mobile phone. You should know that having 12 or 8 GB RAM of memory is too much computing needs on a machine such as an office computer and laptop.

Yes, there are not enough tasks that may come your way suddenly to justify 12 or 8 GB in a smartphone. You may argue that buying phones with 12 or 8 GB of RAM will future proof your device. But, the hardware of mobile phones degrades sooner. Hence, it does not make sense to buying a smartphone with 12 or 8 GB RAM for the same purpose.

How much RAM do you need in a mobile phone?

If you use many apps on a daily basis, make video calls, and even play basic games, then the usage of your mobile phone won’t hit more than 2.5-3.5GB. It means that a mobile phone with 4 GB RAM will suffice and give space for opening all your preferred apps.

Is 4 GB RAM good to go for a smartphone?

If you use an Apple phone, then iPhones may function smoothly on only 4 GB of RAM. These days, most budget phones in the USA are getting launched with 4 GB RAM. If you are looking to buy a phone with 4 GB RAM, then here is what you can expect:

  • App’s data will be stored in the RAM until it gets filled up
  • If an app gets opened, the apps at the bottom of your latest apps list can be removed from the RAM
  • It will open up sufficient RAM for the newly opened app and will be stored
  • If you go to open recently used apps, the data won’t be available in the RAM, hence: loading times won’t be that fast.

It indicates that while buying a mobile phone with 4 GB RAM on a mobile phone will slow down the opening and loading of apps; the performance will be fine once all loads.

Thus, if you don’t want to spend too much on a mobile phone, then you can get one with a 4 GB RAM. A 6 GB RAM phone will give you a balanced performance; while a device with a 4 – 6 – 8 GB RAM means that you will have a lag-free and smooth performance.

As of now, it is not necessary to get a 12 or 8 GB RAM smartphone and poke a hole in your wallets.

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