Elon Musk tells why does he like Engineering

Elon Musk tells why does he like Engineering?

Once my teacher asked me what would you like to be in your future?

I replied “Piolet”.

He forced me to be an Engineer telling the Advantages of being Engineer.

The Benefits of Being Engineer According to My Teacher

  • You can marry a beautiful girl
  • You can buy a luxurious house

I have forgotten other advantages he told me.

Well, let’s come to the Point.

Why does Elon Musk Like Engineering?

Elon Musk is one who thinks about future more than present.

He is a successful man because he has done what he wanted to do.

He is still struggling to provide the better life for Humans.


As you probably know that Elon Musk is now focusing on Mars because he wants to build colonies on Mars.

One senior Scientist has declared that Elon Musk should not build cities on Mars because of Radiations.

The only Engineer can understand the feelings of Other Engineers.

Elon Musk has Declared in front of all that Engineering is not a child play this is a Magic.

We know only Magicians can understand the techniques behind the magic.

So Elon Tweeted what does he think about Engineering and Engineers.

Let me tell you one thing Elon Also listens to Music.

So by now, I’ll Call Elon Musk a Magician.

I bet there is not better Magician than Elon Musk in this Era.

Our Magician Elon Musk listens to this music when he has hurt feelings.

Are you impressed with the Magician Elon Musk as he told us that he came to North America at 17 with only $2000 .



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