Xbox One Shopping Guide: Console, 4K and games

Xbox One faces its fifth Christmas with the wisdom of being the second generation in the current generation of consoles. While the PlayStation 4 from Sony has sold about 70 million units over the last five years, the console Microsoft has “only” managed to place about 30 million. The numerical disadvantage, nevertheless, has not prevented that the American giant continues working to endow to its machine of an own character. The launch of the Xbox One X model, as well as the exclusive consoles of the successful PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, go right in that direction.

Beyond its basic features, it is in the secondary options where Xbox One finds a large part of its personality. One of the main attractions of the Microsoft console is the backward compatibility with a large selection of Xbox 360 games and, for a few months, with some games from the original Xbox. Also, the fact that the console is fully integrated into the ecosystem of Windows 10 allows to buy a digital game can play both on the console and on the computer. Third, Xbox Game Pass is a unique service in consoles that for 9.99 euros offers access to a hundred games, which could be called ” the Netflix of video games .”

Xbox One S: The basic model

Last year Microsoft put on sale Xbox One S, a redesign that greatly reduced the size of the console, eliminated the transformer and maintained the good finish in materials and operation of the original model. It is a machine designed for the general public and this Christmas campaign is presented as an option to consider. Perhaps it is for the advantage of its rival PlayStation 4 or the recent release of Xbox One X, but its price (between 225 and 250 euros depending on the pack) is lower than its rivals and also usually sold with a game included.

As additional features, Xbox One S has an integrated 4K HD Blu-ray reader, is capable of streaming at the same image resolution and features Dolby Atmos and DTS: X support for surround sound. The basic model of Xbox One S incorporates a 500 GB hard drive, but one is also sold with 1 TB whose price is already close to 300 euros. It is important to note that all Xbox One games are compatible with the different models of the console, whether it is Xbox One S or Xbox One X.

Xbox One X: “Premium” experience at 4K

The X marks the high range. In the same way that Apple has decided to name its most powerful smartphone with the name iPhone X, Microsoft has followed the same path by calling its most advanced console Xbox One X. The new machine from Microsoft has technical specifications superior to those of its competitor PlayStation 4 Pro. It offers games in native 4K (without image rescaling) and with HDR support, and although not all games can benefit from this power, it is certainly a machine capable of offering the performance of a high-end PC, but with the convenience of use offered by consoles.


According to the American company is not a generational leap, but an improved Xbox One S version. A hardware that is specially designed to offer graphics in ultra-high definition 4K, but also that is able to improve the performance in games of the current and past generations (Xbox 360 and Xbox). Now, having a 4K screen is an almost indispensable condition to enjoy the console in all its glory. This is, without doubt, the option of those people who seek the best visual quality and have the right television to enjoy it.

“Exclusive” Games: The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Card

To talk about exclusive games on Xbox One it is better to do it in quotes. Indeed, the console has the exclusivity of some titles in the console but always shared with the PC due to its compatibility with the Windows 10 digital store. An example of this is the recent Cuphead, the acclaimed platform game “indie” that both can be played on Xbox One or PC. That said, this is an aspect in which the Microsoft console is at a clear disadvantage compared to the Sony machine, which bases much of its success on its exclusive titles.

Aware that this situation of weakness, Microsoft has opted to take over the console exclusive of the great success of the PC of this 2017, nothing more and nothing less than the online action game PlayerUnknow’s Battlegrounds. While this version only takes a few days to sell and first impressions have not been entirely positive, the possibility of enjoying this successful console game is a point in favor of Xbox One. Among the rest of exclusive console games, we found titles like the driving simulator Forza 7, Gears of War 4 or Halo 5, all of them with visual improvements for Xbox One X.

Multiplatform games: From big hits to “indie” proposals

How could it be otherwise, the great multiplatform hits, those that are also available in its competitor PlayStation 4 and PC, also occupy an important place in the catalog of Xbox One. There are also corresponding versions of best sellers such as Call of Duty: WWII, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Destiny 2 or the sportive FIFA 18, PES 2018 or NBA 2K18. Likewise, for those players who prefer to immerse themselves in single-player experiences, the immersive productions of the American label Bethesda Softworks, games like the irreverent Wolfenstein II: The New Order, the terrifying Evil Within 2 or science fiction Prey.

In the category of independent games that have stood out in this 2017 highlights What Remain of Edith Finch. This evocative story takes us to the heart of a mansion full of memories and offers some of the most intense moments that this year has given the world of electronic entertainment. The same happens with Rime, the precious puzzle made by the Madrid studio Tequila Works, one of the “indie” games of the year. And although this 2017 may not have been the best year when it comes to games for the little ones on Xbox One, they include Super Lucky’s Tale or, as usual, the little characters of LEGO, which in this case meet in Marvel Super Heroes 2.

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