Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile is no longer the focus of the company’s attention

Windows 10 Mobile is no longer the focus of the company’s attention

A Microsoft executive recently confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile is no longer the focus of the company’s attention. The company has not launched any new device powered by Windows 10 Mobile for a very long time and the same applies to its manufacturers. However, this has led to some predictions that Microsoft’s Surface Series will have the same fate. Microsoft’s view of these predictions is that it is just a “rumor.”

Previous forecasts indicate that Microsoft intends to close the section responsible for Surface devices in 2019. These predictions have been reinforced by the fact that this section is not profitable for Microsoft, so the company is considering closing this section because it is unable to bring profits to the company. Panas Panay, the head of Microsoft’s surface department, has dealt with those predictions and said that the company does not plan to close the chargeable part of Surface devices anytime soon.

Panos Panay said that “Microsoft has not started to come out,” adding that the company will continue to work in this market for a long time and that Surface devices will not go anywhere. Panos Panay pointed out that these predictions are only a “rumor of the week”.

Panos Panay also pointed out that for Microsoft, the Surface division is doing more than just selling devices. He cited the fact that Surface devices have brought many improvements to the computer market in general. So it is clear that Microsoft has a long-term view on this, and will not succumb to the setbacks in the short term.

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