Universe definition origin you should know
The universe is a term of great abstract and complex proportions derived from the Latin "Universus", composed of "Unus" which means "One" and "Versus" which means "Turned or Converted"; that is, "One and all that surrounds it"

Universe definition science & theories of the universe

The universe is a term of great abstract and complex proportions derived from the Latin “Universus”, composed of “Unus” which means “One” and “Versus” which means “Turned or Converted”; that is, “One and all that surrounds it”.

Universe definition origin

The universe is everything that exists and the place it occupies, comprises everything directly and indirectly, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. In the same way that the term universe describes what is everything in a whole that contains it, it can describe a universe of individual elements without belonging to a whole of general elements, which is why a universe can be considered as a set of immaterial elements (ideas, feelings, etc.) that are part of an activity, discipline or other things, as well as the set of individuals that undergo a statistical analysis.

theories of the universe

The term Universe is used in any field, however, the most common one for society and perhaps the most studied is the astronomical field, since it dictates that the universe is everything that exists materially in cosmic space. The matter of the universe is presented, either scattered on the basis of atoms, molecules or small solid particles, constituting the gas or cosmic dust or grouped, forming the stars, the latter are grouped in galaxies and have different dimensions, color, and temperature. It is believed (in the eyes of man) that there are about ten billion galaxies in the universe, which can be grouped into clusters of about a thousand units on average, to one of these clusters belong to the Milky Way, in which is our Solar System, formed by the Sun and the planets, satellites, asteroids, comets, and meteorites. It is considered that the universe studied and explored by astronomy is infinite, there are theories without true manifestation that although they do not corroborate the origin of the universe, they are the most probable and those determined by scientists, the one that stands out most is the big bang theory, it is an “explosion” that happened in nothingness, in which suddenly all kinds of molecular elements that gave shape to the universe in which all the planets and stars are found emerged.


The abstract point of view of the word universe shows us a particular aspect of the elements, which gives us to understand that the universe can be anything from an accumulation of ideas that revolutionizes the mind of whoever is thinking it, to the formation of a formal structure of elements. It is good to say that a building is a universe if, for the one who develops it, it represents a complex execution and the implementation of all possible resources for the completion of the project. A universe can be a molecular compendium, even to the space in which all the elements are found. Universe = World.


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