We analyzed a PC from Thunderobot, the gaming company that is sweeping China

After reaping great successes in the Chinese market in recent years, Thunderobot presents its Thunderobot GX97 laptop in Europe. It is a model with 17-inch screen and components that surprise for its price, as this equipment can be purchased for less than 1500 euros. A very attractive price compared to other products of the competition.

Thunderobot has reached a collaboration agreement to become a technological advisor to Valencia CF helping in the construction of its gaming house. It is one of the measures that this company has taken to become popular in Spain. We have been able to test one of the products of this company.

Thunderobot PCs have become very popular in China due to its price

The most outstanding components of this Thunderobot GX97 are its Intel i7.7700 HQ processor at 2.8 GHz, the eight GB of ram memory at 2400 MHz and the Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti graphics card with four GB. It comes equipped with two hard drives; a solid state of 256 GB, to store the operating system and the programs that we execute the most; and its 1 TB mechanical hard drive, enough to store today’s games that take up a lot of space.

We have been analyzing this computer in depth and among other tests, we have installed games such as the Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor, which occupies about 100 GB. At the same time that this task was carried out, files were decompressed and the Internet was navigated. The answer has gone well, without jerks or delays. Of course, the temperature was reaching between 65 and 80 degrees Celsius.


In the execution of games, we have tested simulators such as FIFA 2018, F1 2017 and Need for Speed Rivals. Maintaining a high-quality graphics we stabilize the 60 fps (with some pull from time to time). The graphics card reaches 99% of use, 80% RAM and the memory of the GPU almost 3.8 GB.

In the field of action games, we have tried the Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor, the Call of Duty WWII, the Batman Arkham Knight, the Resident Evil 7, the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and the Battlefield 1. We have observed that a great temperature in the equipment with some of these games, but we managed to stabilize a rate of 60 fps at a medium-high resolution. In the ultra, resolutions have had to lower the speed of the frames per second in some games.

Thanks to the arrival of manufacturers of laptops ‘gaming’ hitherto unknown, we will see cheaper equipment in the market.

The last tests we did were aimed at programs that ask for a lot of processor and memory resources. In audio editing, processes were made with large sound files with the Reason 6, Nuendo 6 and Ableton Live 9. The result is that its data processing speed is quite good.

In summary, we can say that this notebook with a multicolored backlit keyboard, is well thought out for occasional players, players with a second desktop computer who do not want to take the graphics to the limit and want to use it to travel and play away from home. The main weak point of the team is the screen, although it has a good size of 17 inches. The quality is not very good, especially at certain angles of vision.