This is what happened when Elon Musk answered me on Twitter

The decision of the United States to separate migrant children from their parents and keep them in cells has twisted Twitter during these last days . Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and founder of SpaceX, among other corporate ventures, sent a midnight Californian message “I hope the children are fine”, to which a server responded quickly with a “Could you make a more powerful statement? It’s an issue that breaks our hearts and your words and actions could have more value than a tweet. ” And there began the debacle of my Twitter account.

In a matter of minutes, Elon Musk responded that “I could not even keep the United States in the Paris Agreement , but if there is any way I can help these children, I will.” Twitter started sending notifications of “favorite” and “retweet” that little by little went on until they became a cascade of beeps that made my phone unusable. Luckily, Twitter has an option to mute specific conversations, which I’ve discovered is full of bugs, but it was able to block most of the more than 10,000 notifications I would have received.

elon musk responds on twitter
elon musk responds on twitter

Musk continued answering by mentioning my username, “I am one of the largest donors of the ACLU”, the American civil rights association, who joined the conversation adding his million and a half followers to the 22 million Elon Musk.

This curious occurrence has filled my Twitter account of what I call “paratroopers”: other users who decide to go to the profile of the person in the middle of a conversation that is having a lot of exposure and generating many responses and begin to tell their life. Many of these paratroopers told me that the prisons for children were false or a montage, others insulted me directly and the rest simply kept talking about my nickname by how Twitter works as a platform.

The answers to celebrities, a field of informative war

My Twitter account has been out of service for more than a day because of this avalanche of nonsense notifications, despite all the filters and “silencers” that I could put, but I’ve been able to experience first-hand a curious and exclusive phenomenon of Twitter which are the absurd wars to answer the messages published by famous people so that this response is the first to appear right below and be seen by millions of people.

One of the main objectives of this click war is Donald Trump, the president of the United States. Their tweets are news constantly and are used as a platform by detractors and defenders to share images, criticism, “memes” or exchange insults.

Getting to be the answer chosen by the Twitter algorithm to appear immediately below an original message is not easy. It takes into account the difference of time with the original (the less, the better) and the number of interactions it receives in the form of favorites, retweets or answers.


This system has been exploited for some time by digital bots or puppets that pass themselves off as the original famous character to promote scams with cryptocurrencies. They copy their avatar and their nick, and announce to the world that for each cryptocurrency that someone sends to a specific address, they will return double. A lie that has proved valuable – you can see the total number of transactions publicly – and in which people do not stop falling.

No celebrity gets rid of this phenomenon, and many have complained to Twitter in recent months to end this behavior that affects the image of both – as well as the portfolio of some unsuspecting. At the moment it continues without solution.