The robot that destroys 200 iPhones per hour

Her name is Daisy and she is dedicated to recycling mobile phones. Specifically, it can destroy 200 mobile phones per minute. It is the new robot that has just presented Apple for the tasks of recycling and recovery of the iPhones in disuse.

Daisy’s presentation coincides with the celebration of Earth Day, which takes place worldwide on Sunday, April 22. With this robot, Apple wants to contribute to reduce waste and recycle materials and respond to their “commitment to creating a healthier planet through innovation,” as they explain on their website

Daisy is the successor to Liam, the recycling robot that Apple introduced in 2016. In fact, the new robot has been built with some of Liam’s old pieces. What Apple has not explained is whether Daisy is going to replace this robot or the two will complement each other in their mobile dismantling tasks. Liam’s line had a total of 29 robot units.

Daisy is a robotic arm capable of dismantling nine different versions of the iPhone and can destroy up to 200 phones per hour. The robot separates the parts and removes some of its components that are not recyclable.

The presentation of Daisy has coincided with the announcement of the temporary GiveBack program destined to the collection of old mobiles. Users can deliver devices they no longer use in Apple stores or even through the website.


For every mobile that is collected before April 30, the company will make a donation to Conservation International, a non-profit environmental organization based in Virginia (United States).

The GiveBack program encourages users to deliver their old iPhones and in return, Apple will make a donation to an NGO

In addition, users who donate certain devices can also get credit to buy in the store or an Apple gift card.

The Apple initiative has received some criticism from Greenpeace, which believes that Apple should focus on making products that last longer instead of creating theft to destroy those that have become obsolete