Apple fires the Father of Brooke Peterson From Company

A few days ago, a video was uploaded on the network, in which the iPhone X was lit. It was promptly removed, and the father of the young Vlogger(Brooke Peterson) who published the video was fired from Apple.

Brooke Peterson shared a short video on her YouTube channel, which shows her visit to Apple Campus. Father of Brooke Peterson, one of Apple’s engineers, works there. He also showed the work of the iPhone X smartphone.

Later, the younger Peterson added a new video on her channel. In it, she talked about what happened in the last few days, shared details of life, and also reported on the dismissal of her father. The cause was the incident with the iPhone X.

Father of Brooke violated a number of rules set by Apple. Firstly, the Apple Campus prohibits video shooting. Secondly, in the video, you can see a smartphone with a special QR-code, intended only for employees of the corporation. In addition, the iPhone X application was launched “Notes” with a list of code names for unreleased products.

Similar things happened before but in other companies. For example, in 2005, a Microsoft employee was fired because his son posted an Xbox 360 photo on the network before the announcement of the console.

Why the Apple engineer(Brooke Peterson father) was rightly fired for his daughter’s video of iPhone X Smartphone

After uploading the video on YouTtube Unfortunate for the Apple engineer, the video immediately became popular.

What does apple’s fired employee say?

Of course, my daughter removed the video, but it already spread across the network. It was too late to hide.

Less than two days after the publication of the tax, the father of the blogger was kicked out of Apple Company.

On the other hand, it can easily be assumed that Cupertino was treated too cruelly.

Firstly, at the presentation of the iPhone X, journalists were allowed to shoot a novelty, so nothing super-exclusive the girl did not post.

Secondly, the video got into the network just a couple of days before the start of pre-orders – this is nonsense. Now, if the fool lighted the device the day before the premiere, her dad should not just be dismissed, but sent off with a filthy broom.

Thirdly, Tim Cook himself lit up with the iPhone X – it stuck out of his pocket.

Brooke Peterson
Courtesy iPhone

Fourth, Apple’s reputation did not suffer at all.

Fifth, one could do with a reprimand, a fine or suggestion, and not deprive a person of work. Moreover, the one who leaked the video was not an engineer, but his stupid daughter.

But Apple was treated purely bureaucratically and sent the man to the labor exchange.

As I was told by the people who were close to the company and know its rules, the worst thing for an employee is to deviate from the instruction.

Most likely, the instructions of this man had a clear, specific and detailed clause on non-disclosure, but the loving father could not resist and pleased the daughter with a new iPhone.

Apple rightly reasoned that they did not need such an unprincipled, good-natured, careless and unreliable employee who, using his official position, provokes leaks.

In addition, everything indicates that the engineer was not irreplaceable, otherwise to him (in theory) could apply an individual approach.


It is curious that the girl who substituted her father recorded another video and explained how it happened.

the video has already got more than three million views, but comments are disabled there: it’s easy to understand, why?

The blonde said she was filming that video from the iPhone X purely for the family (for memory), and then suddenly decided to lay out, not expecting that it would become so popular.

What can I say?? She should only sympathize since she really could not adequately assess the situation.


Apple has acted harshly, but reasonably and competently.

The engineer first for some reason gave his daughter a copy of the unreached iPhone and then forgot to explain to the grown-up girl that until November 3 the device should not get anywhere at all.

Frankly speaking, Apple got rid of an irresponsible Employee, who now will not be so easy to find work in a normal corporation.

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