The best 4 light games can be downloaded from Windows 10 Store

There are lots of sites where you can play or download the games. Windows 10 is alternative and the best where you can find and download many new games and the best 4 light games.

Windows 10 provides its store where you can download your favorite or light games.

In this article, I’m going to tell you about the best 4 light games you can play in your leisure time or for entertainment. Let’s take a look at it and you’ll notice that most of these games are available on Google Play for phones but their experience on the computer will be different and better.

1 -Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is the game that I started to add recently! I downloaded it on the Smartphone because it is available in the Play Store and I play it every day and then searched it on the Microsoft store.

it continued to practice also from the computer, so it is one of the games which is distinctive and very simple as well as amusing and the most important thing I like in this game that’s sound effects and music Which starts with the start of the game is that led me to continue the experience so far and do not feel bored even after long periods.

The idea of the game is skating to the end but you will face some difficulties in the way and you have to achieve the goals required to rise to higher levels.

Try it, you won’t regret and it is adviced to you to wear the earpiece to listen to its attractive music better. (Download game).

2 -Stack Free

Stack Free is another game that is also entertaining and light, its design is unique and its thought is what motivates you to continue its practice, which is to build a tower.

You add a layer and then the other and then the other and what is required is the formation of an asymmetrical tower, where these layers move and you install them in the parallel time of the previous layer until Be the same dimensions. the more you miss the size of the class will be something until the end of the game and start again.


This game is available for Android phones as well as Microsoft store you can control them through the mouse or keyboard to install the layers in place. (Download game).

3 -Swamp Attack

Swamp Attack is a simple game that is designed to defend a cottage or house from being attacked by different animals.

You can defend using weapons and some other means available to survive.

You have to buy new items to help you progress through The levels.

you can play this game individual or multiplayer. You can control the game with the help of the mouse where the shots are directed at animals. (Download game)

4 -Rally Point 4

Rally Point 4 is a simple game in which you do not need to make an effort in exercising or controlling it.

It gives you a road and a car and you have to hurry to reach the finish line before the time set for you to avoid the obstacles that will face you while walking on the road and curves. And certainly whenever you move to a new level will be harder than previous.

you will be provided new cars for the new level that you can lead, controlling the game will be with the help of the keyboard is very smooth and will not have difficulty in driving. (Download game)

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and now decided to download the best 4 light games.