The Apple Watch can easily detect hypertension and sleep apnea

Apple Watch will help detect hypertension and apnea

Cardiogram together with the University of California in San Francisco conducted a study and found that Apple Watch can be an effective tool for identifying apnea and hypertension.

Developers of the Cardiogram application and other scientists collected data from 6115 hours and loaded them into the neural network DeepHeart. In the course of the experiment, it was found that the neural network managed to determine hypertension (high blood pressure) with an accuracy of 82%. In this case, the computer temporarily determined the Sleep Apnea, with an accuracy of 90%.

The results were accurate enough to start looking at Apple Watch as a cost-effective, affordable and effective tool for diagnosing hypertension,” said Brandon Bollinger, co-founder of Cardiogram.

Earlier Cardiogram company already used Apple Watch together with a neural network to detect heart rhythm disturbances with an accuracy of 97%.

This achievement gave an idea to Apple to the beginning of a new study that will accurately determine the effectiveness of watches, as a device for diagnosing heart disease.

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