This has been the last invention of a four-wheel enthusiast, turning its old Japanese model into an authentic electric ‘break-neck’. We will only say that it takes less than 3 seconds to reach 100 km / h.

Seeing the performance and sensations that electric motor-powered vehicles can convey, one thinks it could happen if the first-generation Honda Accord took a leap in time to the present day, leaving aside its conventional mechanics.

This must have crossed the YouTuber Jimmy Built’s mind when he turned its 1981 Japanese sedan into a 100% electric vehicle it has called “Teslonda”. As you can guess, the main changes made to the car are centered on its rear end, with the arrival of an engine from Tesla and a battery pack inherited from a Chevrolet Bolt. In addition, its front axle has been modified and what to say about the look of the old school dragster-style car.


So that we can verify what is capable its creation has left us with a video of the first acceleration test performed. If the reaction of the car is impressive, so are the 2.7 seconds it takes to reach 100 km/h. Something that is no doubt very far from the original figures and just 80 horses that reached some versions of 1.8 liters in the Japanese market.

In the description of the document, Built points out that the test conditions made your car not give 100% of its potential. The tyres were cold, the asphalt temperature was not optimal and the batteries were not fully prepared. This makes this enthusiast’s optimism grow, and his next challenge is to get a record of 2.5 seconds. We’ll keep an eye out.