A Tesla Model X

A Tesla Model X stars in this surprising snow rescue

Snow can be very treacherous and can become a great enemy for onboard travel of any type of vehicle. During the last few days, cold storms in different parts of the world have caused a multitude of complicated situations for drivers that have sometimes been surprising.

And that was precisely the rescue you can see in the video below, in which the driver of a Tesla Model X put his car at risk to help a truck driver who had been blocked by snow in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Model X driver put his vehicle at risk by vastly exceeding the official maximum towing capacity of this electric SUV, which is 2.2 tons.

Although the weight of the huge truck far exceeded the official maximum towing capacity of the electric SUV, which is 2.2 tons, the SUV’s driver did not think twice about it and started pulling with his car. As can be seen in the video, it was not an easy task, but finally, the wheels of the truck began to pull on the slippery road surface.


This unusual rescue is yet another test of the challenges American drivers are facing during the intense cold spell that has plagued much of the country for days. Moreover, it shows that solidarity in helping other drivers on the road is sometimes limitless.


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